Giving Thanks

Giving ThanksThe holiday season is here once again. We just finished our traditional Thanksgiving feast at Geonetric (complete with turkey, stuffing, potatoes and side dishes along with assorted pies and desserts). It’s a great way to celebrate with our work family and kick off the Thanksgiving weekend. It’s also a valuable time to reflect on all that we are thankful for.

In celebration of the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked our fellow Geonetric employees what they’re thankful for this holiday season. Here are some of their responses:

  • Clients – that inspire and motivate us
  • Colleagues – the fun people we work with who jump in to deliver a team effort
  • Rain – for not being too generous this year
  • Windows 7 – for allowing us to bypass Vista
  • Susan Boyle – proving that we all have the potential to be a star
  • Geonetric – for recognizing the value of continuous learning
  • Panel Selector – for making it easy to modify our site panels
  • A new job – thanks Geonetric
  • My second computer screen – it’s one of the simple things I’d miss if it were gone; I’ve named her Adell
  • My laptop – and the days I don’t have to take it home
  • Virtualization and Storage Area Networks
  • Good friends and happy, healthy families
  • Tofu, DVRs, vacations, RBC (retractable belt clips) and cheese

Wishing you a long list of things to be thankful for in your life. Happy Thanksgiving!

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