Live Tweeting Your Own Biopsy?

@JeffJarvis live tweeting his own surgery

Ok, he didn’t tweet while actually out cold during the procedure but Jeff Jarvis did live tweet as much of his biopsy experience as he could.  It’s interesting insight into the ways that health consumers are sharing their healthcare experiences with the world.  While live tweeting of medical procedures is becoming more common amongst healthcare organizations for education and marketing purposes, this type of sharing by patients is still rare enough that it is noteworthy.

Jarvis received some measure of notoriety for his open discussion of his prostate cancer a year or so ago over social media.  It’s an eye opener for any healthcare organization that’s not expecting this sort of transparency.  Jarvis’ writings are a great example of what we’re likely to see more and more of in the future.

Jarvis is, amongst other things, associate professor and director of the interactive journalism program and the new business models for news project at the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Not a typical patient, perhaps, but not so unusual either.  Over the past year and a half,   I’ve learned of two major family health issues through Facebook – a heart bypass operation and a very serious brain tumor.  Neither of the family members involved were thinking about their diseases as the opportunity for an interesting social experiment, it’s simply their (or their childrens’) way of communicating with the world no matter what the subject.

The surgery Jarvis is tweeting about here  is unrelated to the prostate cancer.  His writings about his battle with prostate cancer are worth a read, if you can stomach them.

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