What’s a HIHOF?

Know someone who’s an innovator in the healthcare Internet industry? A person or organization whose contributions have changed the way healthcare organizations communicate digitally? Someone whose groundbreaking work should be remembered by those who come in the future?

That’s what the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame (HIHOF) is all about!

HIHOF was launched at the annual Healthcare Internet Conference last year by conference sponsor Greystone as a way to honor outstanding contributors to our field and remember them for the future.

Nominations for the Hall Of Fame are being accepted now, and the deadline has been extended to June 15, 2012. I am personally honored to be amongst an auspicious list of inaugural judges for HIHOF.

Nominees can be individuals, organizations or products. Guidance on the criteria can be found on the HIHOF website.

I hope you’ll consider nominating a pioneer in the healthcare Internet field. And keep an eye out for HIHOF news from the HIHOF Facebook page. This year’s class of inductees will be announced at the Healthcare Internet Conference in November.

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