Is Facebook the World’s Largest Billboard?

Recent comments by Brad Smallwood, Facebook’s Head of Measurement and Insights, have really thrown marketers for a loop. At the recent Interactive Advertising Bureau MIXX Conference, Smallwood indicated, “It is the delivery of the marketing message to the right consumer, not the click, which creates real value for brand advertisers.”

In essence, Facebook is downplaying the role of the almighty click, falling back on long-term marketing truisms that recency and frequency are the keys to marketing effectiveness.

Most organizations waste a good portion of their marketing dollars, but lack of direct metrics leaves them at a loss as to what’s effective and what’s failing.

eMarketing is supposed to fix all of that, right? So Smallwood’s comments fly in the face of digital marketing dogma. We’re supposed to be able to see and track marketing effectiveness online.

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Hospital Voice and Tone

Ever overheard a conversation and immediately recognized a friend’s voice? Chances are you picked up on pitch, tone and phrasing – the style of speaking.

Everyone has a distinctive voice. Yours reflects how you relate to others, whether you’re formal or casual, intense or relaxed. The way you express yourself affects how others perceive and remember you.

The same is true for hospitals and healthcare organizations. Whether deliberate or not, hospitals have a unique voice and tone that creates a lasting impression of the organization.

Who and How

Voice is who’s doing the talking. Tone is how you talk to your audience. Think about the role your hospital assumes on the Web. Are you a clinical authority that promotes your expertise?

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Building for Operation Overnight

Operation Overnight 2012 came and went quickly. It was a huge success! We had 24 hours to build four websites. A daunting task, surely, but not one that we wanted to shy away from. That wouldn’t have been the Geonetric way! 50+ volunteers, lots of coffee, soda and food, and an all-nighter full of fun and we produced some great results!

My team was assigned to build from the ground up. Unlike the other three teams, 365ride came into Operation Overnight without an existing Web presence and very little source material (brochures, etc.). In the end, both our team and our client were very happy with the finished product.

The site’s purpose is to be a place for people seeking information. Before the site, information was scattered across many places on and off the Web. The Frequently Asked Questions section was a high priority and the team did some really cool things to keep information flowing through the site, only duplicating it where necessary. The end result is a destination that the community can use to get information about public transportation options throughout Cedar Rapids and the surrounding area.

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Social Media and Doctors: Risky Business or Good for Business?

Yes, social media has risks. But that doesn’t mean providers shouldn’t be using it.

This was the key message from Kevin Pho, MD’s opening keynote at the 12th annual Healthcare Internet Conference.  Pho is an active user of social media and a practicing family physician.

Eight in ten online Americans look for health information on the Web and one in three read about others’ health experiences (check out our new infographic with more statistics on how health consumers engage online).  This presents one of those key opportunities to influence health consumers while they’re evaluating care options including treatments, physicians and hospitals.

Unfortunately, the majority of consumers aren’t good at assessing the quality of the healthcare information they’re reviewing.

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Turning Cone Health’s Online Vision into Reality

Defined project goals and designed outcomes. Check.

A forward-thinking healthcare organization that provides exceptional quality, care and transparency through the population it serves. Check.

A partnership with one of the coolest Web companies in the industry; a company filled with big ideas and industry leading best practice recommendations. Check

Only four months have passed since Cone Health, a not-for-profit network of healthcare providers partnered with Geonetric to create a new website. With a list of defined goals and a clear vision, Cone Health had all the components needed for success.

At the start, Geonetric’s expert content strategist, Maggie, led the team to come up with a core strategy statement to guide decisions during implementation. It was amazing to witness how the strategy statement impacted the decisions during the process.

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5 New Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame Inductees

While our industry is growing and evolving at a mind-numbing pace, it’s important that we don’t lose our roots – those individuals and organizations that paved those early trails and took the risks on bringing “that internet thing” into the healthcare realm.  Today, what was once a risk is not only routine, but a critical part of our communications and care delivery infrastructure.

The Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame (HIHOF) was founded last year to begin recognizing these individuals and organizations.

It’s been my great pleasure to be a judge for HIHOF’s 2012 class and I’m excited to share this year’s inductees:

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Infographic: How Health Consumers Engage Online

How do you engage today’s health consumer online? It’s a question we get asked. A lot. It’s one of our favorite questions because there’s so much research on how health consumers create their online experience. And when you dig through the stats, three predominant themes emerge.

Mobile, social media and search.

So we thought what a great topic for an infographic!

The fact is today’s mobile, social and search trends are indicative of the growing role digital connectivity plays in our lives. These three items have a profound impact on how health consumers find you online, research and evaluate treatment options, and take that critical step from being consumers to patients. With digital communications changing at such a dramatic rate, it can be tough to create a digital strategy to keep pace. At Geonetric, we’re constantly researching how consumers use the Web both inside and outside healthcare.

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The Business Case for Responsive Web Design

Smartphone with an image of a dollar sign on the screenWe’ve talked a lot about how mobile strategy is changing. We’ve examined why mobile is so important and how changes in Web access is leading to the need for responsive sites. We’ve discussed how responsive web design works and given tips for constructing content in responsively designed sites. We’ve even created an awesome video to introduce responsive design concepts.

Now let’s put all this together into the overall business case for creating a responsive site.

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12 Tips for Promoting Your Health Event Online

Events are a huge component of many of your marketing, health promotion, community outreach, professional training, and fundraising efforts. But would you know it from looking at your website? Too often healthcare websites include brief event descriptions copied from print materials, challenging navigation, and few calls to action that frustrate registrants on many healthcare websites.

Here are twelve tips for ensuring potential attendees can find your listing, have the information they need, and can figure out how to sign up for the event.

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