Infographic: How Health Consumers Engage Online

How do you engage today’s health consumer online? It’s a question we get asked. A lot. It’s one of our favorite questions because there’s so much research on how health consumers create their online experience. And when you dig through the stats, three predominant themes emerge.

Mobile, social media and search.

So we thought what a great topic for an infographic!

The fact is today’s mobile, social and search trends are indicative of the growing role digital connectivity plays in our lives. These three items have a profound impact on how health consumers find you online, research and evaluate treatment options, and take that critical step from being consumers to patients. With digital communications changing at such a dramatic rate, it can be tough to create a digital strategy to keep pace. At Geonetric, we’re constantly researching how consumers use the Web both inside and outside healthcare.

And what better way to share some of those insights in this consumable content marketing world than with an infographic! Check it out and share away!

Infographic illustrating the different ways consumers engage online health information

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Ben Dillon

About Ben Dillon

It’s not just Ben’s sultry radio-voice that makes him the perfect person to be Geonetric’s eHealth Evangelist, although we do believe that increases attendance to our webinars. It’s the fact that Ben’s a thought leader. He follows healthcare technology trends like other people follow sports teams. He’s constantly researching and analyzing everything from social media strategies to accountable care organizations and determining what it all means to Geonetric, our clients and the industry as a whole. This sought-after speaker and current SHSMD board member wasn’t always in the spotlight, previously working in business process re-engineering and software development with the University of Iowa Healthcare and the Michigan Insurance Bureau. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in eBusiness and strategic management from the University of Iowa. If you saw this man’s calendar you’d be very surprised to learn that in between all his trade rag interviews and speaking engagement prep he still finds time to feed his Twitter addiction and play the Big House with the University of Michigan Alumni marching band.

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