Turning Cone Health’s Online Vision into Reality

Defined project goals and designed outcomes. Check.

A forward-thinking healthcare organization that provides exceptional quality, care and transparency through the population it serves. Check.

A partnership with one of the coolest Web companies in the industry; a company filled with big ideas and industry leading best practice recommendations. Check

Only four months have passed since Cone Health, a not-for-profit network of healthcare providers partnered with Geonetric to create a new website. With a list of defined goals and a clear vision, Cone Health had all the components needed for success.

At the start, Geonetric’s expert content strategist, Maggie, led the team to come up with a core strategy statement to guide decisions during implementation. It was amazing to witness how the strategy statement impacted the decisions during the process.

The design for the new site is clean and visually appealing. But best of all, we took their design a step further and created a responsive design site. Cone Health’s new website creates an optimal experience for all types of mobile users.

Additionally, Cone Health is using a number of modules to elevate the functionality of their new website.  One of VitalSite’s most powerful tools – our Calendar and Events Directory – allows them to provide event information online, demonstrating their commitment to caring for the community. You might be thinking, “so site visitors have the ability to sign up for classes online, big whoop.” But not only can site visitors sign up for classes, they can also pay for their class online, and see other events they may be interested in on the same page. We accomplished this by using VitalSite and Geonetric’s  SmartPanel technology.

As we evaluate our project goals, it’s clear the site achieved Core Health’s vision and in the process set the bar high for phase two.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds and have already heard feedback from the community Cone Health serves on how much they value the new website!

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