What I Learned at Agile Boot Camp

Recently, the entire Geonetric team was treated to two days of agile methodology submersion.  We are really excited about this approach to our software and service offerings because it allows us to be more responsive to both our clients and the marketplace. So, having said that, we were excited to be under the tutelage of two seasoned gurus in the agile/lean methodology space, Richard Lawrence and Joe Justice of Wikispeed fame . The side effect of being in the presence of such awesomeness? 48 hours of brain-cramping problem solving.

Our goal here at Geonetric is to take what’s working fabulously for our development and professional services teams and fold in the rest of Geonetric operations. Why? Because we see how it allows us to work smarter and better.

A lot of great brain food but there was one light bulb moment for me:

Fast = Frequency.  Not speed.  And quality is the foundation for fast.

At the core of agility is speed, right? The ability to move quickly. At least that’s the practical definition. And that’s certainly been the case within our sprints (or work deadlines) in the search engine marketing team, in terms of how we feel we are moving. I’d liken it to a hamster wheel. We are accomplishing more for our clients, in less time, and our results are better because we respond to feedback instantaneously rather than waiting weeks or months to make adjustments. But now I know where we deviate from the practical definition of agile; it’s not about speed, but frequency. And frequency is achieved by reiterating; improving upon what we’ve already done so that it’s the best it can be. Quality.

And true to agile methodology, my light bulb moment has been translated into sticky notes and posted above my computer so that I have a continual reminder than frequency and quality allow agile to bring out the best we have to offer.

Photo of a room full of people learning from each other

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