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About Casey Hansen

Casey possesses extensive social media experience and expertly monitors trends in healthcare social media usage. He uses his industry insight and creative ideas to help Geonetric clients create social media strategies that increase brand awareness and improve loyalty. In addition, Casey also works with clients to develop customized search engine optimization services and search engine marketing campaigns. He reviews analytics and helps clients understand the impact social media, SEO, and SEM have on their overall online marketing efforts.

From Markup to Duplicate Content: Followup Questions From Our Recent SEO Webinar

3-4-2015 8-44-31 AM

Our latest SEO webinar for healthcare marketers provided some insights into what your SEO strategy should look like for 2015 and beyond. We had many great questions during the presentation and just didn’t have the time to get to all of them. Because of that, I wanted to follow up and answer them here.
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Strong SEO Fundamentals Pay Off for Olmsted Medical Center

2-2-2015 1-23-20 PM

We’re always telling our clients how valuable content is to their overall search engine optimization strategy. Of course, content comes in many shapes and sizes, but in this case, we’re talking about your good ‘ol service line content — the content that does a lot of the heavy lifting for your website.

That’s why when Olmsted Medical Center (OMC) came to Geonetric for help boosting the search visibility for their women’s health services, we immediately dove in and started working on better content.

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Google Recognizing “Mobile-Friendly” Pages in Search Results

hand holding mobile phone

It’s no secret that mobile traffic is up significantly. After all, many of you are probably reading this very blog with some sort of mobile device. Even if you’re not, it’s probably within arm’s reach!

Google recently announced that they will start letting users know which pages in the search results appear to be mobile-friendly. It’s a useful feature that I think will really help users know which results to choose when doing a search.

According to Google, pages may be marked “mobile-friendly” if they avoid using technology such as Flash (which isn’t very friendly to mobile devices), has design and content elements that size appropriately for such devices (responsive design, anyone?) and they may even detect how far apart links are from each other.
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Google Releases “Pigeon” Algorithm Update

One thing we know for sure in the world of SEO is that change is the only constant. Last week, Google made yet another algorithm change, this time targeting the location-specific search results.

And, yes, this one was also named after an animal. We would like to introduce you to “Pigeon!” (We’re not in charge of the names here. Promise.)

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Why Your Homepage Doesn’t Matter


Do you have stakeholders in your organization constantly asking to be featured on your site’s home page? Well, the trick may be on them!

The truth is, users find their way into your website in many different ways. While the homepage may be a popular entry point, if your search engine marketing tactics (search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, etc.) are working properly, users are finding their way to the exact landing page on your site that can answer their question. They may never see the home page!

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6 Resources Everyone in the Search Marketing Industry Should Be Using


One question Geonetric hears from clients is, “How do you keep up with all these changes in SEO, PPC, and social media?” Good question!

I shared my reading list with attendees of Geonetric’s 2014 eHealth Client Symposium: Camp Reboot, and thought others may benefit from this list as well. A word of caution: these blogs will turn you into a search marketing geek in no time flat.

So, what do I read in my free time to keep up with Google, Bing and the other cast characters in search and social media? Here’s my current reading list:

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Analyze Your Videos with YouTube Analytics

Screenshot of Geonetric's YouTube Channel

We all know the importance of YouTube on the Web today. It’s a go-to destination for many users looking for entertainment, how-to and health-related videos. Knowing who is watching your videos, how long they watch, and where they watch can be very valuable, especially as you make content creation choices.

Luckily, YouTube is providing more and more data to channel managers via YouTube Analytics. You can pull all sorts of data about the users who view your YouTube content on your channel or across the Web. You’ll find data such as:
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The Hidden Power of YouTube

YouTube in Browser Window

If you’re looking to build an audience, YouTube is a great place start. After a few minutes of surfing around the popular video site, you’ll notice many successful individuals and organizations making a name for themselves on YouTube alone (some don’t even have a real website!).

Even more surprising? Some of the most popular videos are not exactly “professional” productions. (Thumbs up, everybody! Rock and roll!)

The Evolution of YouTube

If you spend much time in your YouTube account these days, you’ll notice many more options and features for content creators. YouTube has evolved into a true platform for content creators to build their audience and make a name for themselves or their brand.

So, how can you use YouTube to build your healthcare organization’s following?

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Attention Healthcare Marketers: You’ve Lost Control of the Conversation

ATT vs TMobile on Twitter

Take off your “work hat” for a moment.

Let’s pretend you’re having a routine physical at your local medical clinic. The day has come, so you drive to the clinic, follow all of the instructions you’re given, and proceed with the appointment.

Unfortunately, you had to wait an extra 30 minutes and when you finally got in, you felt rushed by the staff at the clinic. Your doctor was pleasant, but rushed, and the billing situation afterwards left a lot to be desired.

And then? You do it. You let your entire social media following know just how disappointing your experience was. From Facebook to Twitter, your message knows no bounds. Oh, and like many savvy social media users, you were sure to name the clinic and tag them in all of your posts too.

You wouldn’t be alone. These days when someone has a poor experience with a brand or organization, the first thing they fire up is their smartphone.

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The Secret to SEO: User Experience


If you’ve worked with any of the awesome writers or strategists here at Geonetric, you’ve probably heard them advocating for the best user experience possible. Whether you’re looking at reshaping a single page of content, a complete information architecture overhaul or a new site design – be sure to keep the user central to your decision-making process.

User experience matters in so many ways, but more recently, Google has focused on the quality of a page in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). While it’s not really a brand new idea in the world of SEO, it’s worth revisiting.
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Five Tips for Winning at Social Media Healthcare Marketing

Image of an illuminated 'Winner' sign

“What are some tips for maximizing social media?”

At Geonetric, we get this question quite often. Whether you’re just starting out on social networks or trying to figure out what path to take with your current strategy, it can be difficult to make sense of it all.

With the growing number of social media platforms/networks, it’s not getting easier, either.

Here are five quick tips for getting the most out of social media for your healthcare organization:

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It’s Time to Take a New Approach to Marketing Campaigns


Marketing is a fast-paced discipline. Every day, new tactics and opportunities for getting your message out to your target audience are uncovered and vying for budget. Which tactics are best? How do you know if you should put your eggs in the billboard basket or the PPC basket? And how do you measure these tactics in a meaningful way, tying clicks and passerby’s back to actual procedures and service line volume?

No amount of gut instinct can tell you for sure.

A New Approach

That’s why we take a different approach at Geonetric. We launch Responsive Campaigns — campaigns that are flexible, nimble and easy to adjust.

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Three Ways to Improve Your Landing Page

number-pathIt doesn’t take long for website visitors to make decisions. Within a few seconds, they’re either taking the next step to interact with your organization or(gasp!) moving to the next site.

Your landing page plays a huge role in which choice your visitors make.

Here are three easy things you can do right now to improve your landing pages:
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Google Announces Enhanced AdWords Campaigns

adwords_enhanced_geovoicesPay-per-click advertising (and specifically, Google AdWords) is making it easier than ever to target users where and when it matters to them. Google Adwords is launching Enhanced Campaigns – a new way to manage ad campaigns in today’s multi-device world. This is making it even easier to drive targeted traffic to your site, no matter where visitors are or what device they’re using (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.).

How Do Enhanced Campaigns Work?

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns allow you, the advertiser, to create ads that capitalize on the context of someone’s search… things like time of day, device they’re using, and location.

For example, to promote your emergency room, you may want visitors on a mobile device to see an ad with clickable phone number and driving directions, while visitors on a desktop computer view an ad that drives them to a landing page with an online form to reserve a spot. Your ad may even change depending on what time of day it is, or how far the visitor is from your hospital.

Rather than creating several ads for multiple different scenarios, Google will be able to detect the situations, and use your criteria to automatically tailor your one ad to fit the visitors’ specific needs.

The possibilities are endless.

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