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A born storyteller, Heather decided early on she didn't have the attention span to be a novelist. Luckily she has just the right amount of attention span for marketing. Heather shares her creative ideas and love of writing with Geonetric as our senior marketing communications strategist. From case studies to website copy, Heather helps shape our brand in the market with compelling messaging and powerful copy. In between developing eBooks and implementing integrated marketing campaigns, Heather stays busy planning book club lunches and pretending she knows how to tie knots as a Den Mother.

Proving the Value of a Hospital Website

Value post it notes

A website is a big investment. It’s also one that, if done well, will pay for itself over and over again. The key is understanding how your website can be used as a tool to bring in revenue.

When Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare set out to create a new site to represent the organization’s Southeast Wisconsin region, they worked with Geonetric to build an amazing site that broke down organizational silos, improved efficiencies and strengthened the health system’s reputation for innovative treatments and compassionate care.

But lot of website redesigns deliver better information architecture, improved functionality and a stronger online brand. So how did Wheaton Franciscan prove the site’s value? They connected their site’s performance to revenue and started tracking. And what they uncovered is pretty impressive.

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Humanizing Doctors: How to Effectively Promote Physicians Online

PIH Health Dr. Gray

As a health consumer, connecting with a doctor is important. You want to feel like that person is your partner in health and someone you can have honest, candid conversations with.

As a healthcare marketer, helping health consumers make that connection with a doctor is important – but far from easy! And doing it on a website can be even more difficult. How do you showcase a doctor’s personality online in an authentic way? They key is to humanize the doctor.

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Hospitals Like Mine: Examples of Health Systems, Hospitals and Medical Groups that are Effectively Using the Web

Geonetric's Portfolio Results
Not all healthcare organizations are created equal.

The way a five-hospital regional health system organizes its provider directory, positions itself through Web content and implements microsites is very different than how a 120-bed community hospital does those same things.

Seeing how different healthcare organizations use the Web to connect with their audiences is helpful to healthcare marketers. But seeing how organizations that are similar in size or competitive environment use the Web is invaluable.

That’s why when Geonetric recently redesigned our website, we were thoughtful about how to make our client examples as useful as possible for you – whether you market a regional health system, a community hospital or a medical clinic.
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Healthcare Marketing Takeaways from Google’s “Winning the Zero Moment of Truth”

Retail powerhouse Proctor and Gamble figured out a bit of marketing magic. They uncovered the moment that mattered the most to their consumers: when they stood in front of the store shelf and decided what to buy. Proctor and Gamble termed this the First Moment of Truth (FMOT) and they spent a lot of time, energy (and money!) focused on in-store displays.

Google decided to study this process. They wanted to see where influence took place and at what point shoppers moved from undecided to decided. Google uncovered that there is a step before the FMOT – and they named it the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT).

ZMOT describes the time when consumers go online and research the product, read reviews and watch product videos – actions that, according to Google, more than 88% of U.S. consumers perform.

It’s easy to picture consumers in their ZMOT – researching which big screen to buy for the big game or which resort to stay at on vacation. Today ZMOT is a powerful force in decision making. Heck, you’d likely feel uncomfortable making a big decision without doing some online research first.

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1 Tip That Will Improve Your Hospital’s Content Marketing Efforts

Brand-Driven-Sketch-NotesContent marketing is certainly a buzz phrase lately. And not just in healthcare marketing – in all industries. Everyone knows that content is king (excuse the cliché!) but not everyone knows how to actually go about producing valuable content.

I attended Brand Driven Digital’s Content Marketing Boot Camp yesterday and here’s a tip I learned that will help you up your content marketing game.

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Three Things You Should Do For Your Website Right Now


Geonetric’s January webinar is meant to get healthcare marketers excited. Energized. Motivated. It’s all about ideas you can implement today that will improve your hospital’s online efforts. Better yet: they’re ideas that will make a big impact without requiring a big portion of your budget!

To give you a sample of the information that we’ll cover in the webinar, check out these three tips:

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5 Tips for Writing an Engaging Marketing eBook

5 Tips for Writing an eBook

“eBook,” you say. “Is that one of those new-fangled white papers?” Yeah, sort of. An eBook is a way to showcase your knowledge on a subject in an easy to digest format. It is more design-heavy than traditional white papers, and less copy heavy. But just because the word count might be less doesn’t mean it’s not packed with value.

We just finished our first eBook here at Geonetric. And here’s some quick takeaways from the project that might help as you embark on your own eBook journey.

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Make Your Hospital a Media Machine

News Headlines

Media is everyone’s job. This is just one of the insights Bob Szafranski shared with a room full of attendees at this year’s SHSMD Annual Conference in Chicago. As a senior vice president at public relations powerhouse Edelman, he’s worked with numerous healthcare organizations to help them tell stories that get picked up by the media.

So what’s the secret to the perfect pitch? Here’s some tips of what to include in your news release:

  • Data: Be able to back up what you’re saying. What’s new? What’s improved?
  • Drama: You have to humanize and personalize the story. Be aware of privacy issues, but do your best to include a patient element.
  • Dimension: Figure out if this is a local or national story and package accordingly. Remember, not every story is a national story but don’t underestimate the potential of your pitch. Many national news outlets have weekly or daily health reports or health sections online and they need content.

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Finding the Right Doctor Online Just Got Easier

It can be hard to find the right doctor.

And let’s face it, people are pretty picky. Some care about gender. Others care about age. Some care about where the doctor went to school. Or if the doctor has a MD after his name or a DO.

And some care about all of the above.

So how do you help these picky health consumers in your community connect with one of your doctors? With an awesome online physician directory!
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Great Website Content Acquires, Educates and Persuades

Create-Valuable-Website-Content-ArticleContent is one of the biggest pieces of a hospital’s website. It’s also one of the most overlooked.

If done well, your content will help you acquire new site visitors, educate your community, and persuade them to seek out your services.

If done poorly, your content can leave site visitors looking to your competitor for answers.

How do you take your content from weakness to asset? Geonetric’s Vice President Ben Dillon has the answers.

In his Ask the Expert column “How Do I Best Create Valuable Website Content?,” which appeared in the April 2013 issue of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, Ben details how to use content to build awareness of your organization and encourage people to act.

Using best practice examples from heavy-hitting organizations like National Jewish Health and HCA’s Capital Division, Dillon showcases how to make sure your content achieves your online goals.

He even goes a step further and gives tips for making the most of third-party health content libraries and explains what to look for when hiring outside writers.

Check out the article and get started on the path to content excellence.

Is Your Future Site Headed Toward Responsive or Mobile-Optimized?

SHSMD March/April 2013 Spectrum Newsletter featuring an article on mobile and responsive web designWondering what kind of mobile website you should build?

I’ve got some news for you. You already have a mobile site. Whether you think about it as mobile or not, the site your hospital has right now is being accessed by smartphones and tablets.

What kind of experience are those site visitors having?

If you’re not sure, it’s time to make mobile a priority. You have two main options for presenting online content to your growing mobile market. The first option is to create a mobile-optimized site that is separate from your main website. The second option is to have one website built using responsive design, which allows it to adapt to different screen sizes.

Both options are better than not having any mobile-optimized presence; but choosing one path for your mobile future is important.

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Will a Negative Comment on Social Media Kill My Brand?

You’ve invested in social mediaDebunking Social Media Myths. You have an active Twitter and Facebook account. Then it happens. The dreaded negative comment. What do you do?

Well, according to our own Ben Dillon and his SHSMD U co-presenter Dean Browell you respond. And quickly.

In their article “Debunking Five Social Media Myths” which appeared in the July/August issue of SHSMD’s Spectrum, they explain the key is to have a social media response policy in place so you don’t get caught up in the emotion of the moment. With a strong policy and an empowered social media team, you’ll be able to act quickly and resolve the issue.

And as a result you’ll actually strengthen your brand.

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The Majority of Consumers Don’t Need a Hospital

Here at Geonetric we’re big fans of Chris Bevolo’s book Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital. So I was excited when Ben reached out to Chris in his article Embracing Wellness Online featured in the July/August 2012 issue of Healthcare Strategy Alert! In the article, Ben and Chris explain how too often what hospitals market is sick care not healthcare – and they discuss how much of an opportunity there is for marketing wellness.

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Your Top Mobile Questions Answered

The mobile landscape is changing fast. And I mean fast. New approaches will probably emerge before you even get done reading this blog post. Ok, maybe not that fast.

All teasing aside, it’s hard to know which way to go when it comes to mobile. Do you build a separate mobile site for your hospital? Should you look into this whole responsive design thing? And what about apps? Are they worth the time and resources to develop?

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Innovating, Geonetric Style

To do lists. We all have them. And we all have those projects that – although really cool – seem to get pushed farther and farther down the list.

At Geonetric, we came up with an inventive way to tackle some of those projects. It’s called innovation time, and roughly modeled after Google’s famous 20 percent time and Atlassian’s ShipIt Days. But like everything we adopt here, we Geo-fied it a little bit.

Innovation time gives each team a set amount of time every quarter to focus on whatever we want. Pretty cool, right? Here’s eight hours. Go innovate.

So off go the project managers to bring efficiency to a process in need. Off go the designers to set up a fun photo shoot. Off go the interactive marketers to make infographics. And then everyone shares their innovation time deliverables at a company meeting and we all ohhh! and ahhh!

One of the best parts about innovation time is that cross-department collaboration is encouraged. I’m all for breaking down silos, so when I was invited to join our content strategists and content writers for their innovation time I said sign me up. And I’m so glad I did.

I think we’re kindred spirits because at our core, we’re all writers. But at the same time it’s a little like Jane Austen having lunch with Kurt Vonnegut. Content strategy and MarCom – where my background is – isn’t the same. We’re both all about engaging the reader and bringing order to the printed page… but while they’re talking content audits, I’m thinking about the benefits and features of content audits.

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