About Kevin Stejskal

Kevin’s energy is contagious. He’s fun to be around, easy to talk to, and knows a thing or two about helping hospitals advance their online goals. That’s why healthcare professionals consistently turn to him for guidance and insight. As an account manager at Geonetric, Kevin helps clients stay ahead of their competition and make informed decisions about their eHealth initiatives. Kevin’s a team player – and we’re not just saying that because he won the 2007 Regional Teamwork Award while a marketing manager at Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions. He uses his experience leading marketing teams to bring new ideas to Geonetric’s business development team and to help his clients gain buy-in for their Web strategies. This history buff and fisherman holds a BA in Communications from Clarke College and uses his coworkers as guinea pigs for his wife’s cupcake-making hobby. We’re not complaining!

Fresh Perspectives: Build a Rewarding Long-Term Patient Experience

arms lifting ornate mirror into air

As healthcare marketers we enjoy being in control. So coming to grips with the fact that sometimes we’re not in control can feel quite uncomfortable. This growing reality was difficult to swallow a few years ago and even more so today. We need to embrace the fact we can’t control every single piece of the consumer experience. Sounds radical doesn’t it? Not being in control goes against the very nature of who we are as human beings and how we strive to become even more valuable as marketers to our communities.

Does giving up control mean losing control of your story or message? I submit to you, if done correctly, it does not.

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How Online Voice of the Customer (VoC) Panels are Improving the Consumer Experience

Voice of the Consumer

Using online Voice of the Customer (VoC) panels help improve consumer satisfaction by fostering collaboration with a customer through online surveys and communities to uncover sentiment, satisfaction and loyalty. As healthcare marketers we are no stranger to focusing on the entire consumer experience, not just one piece of the pie. With quite a few healthcare organizations moving towards expansive, integrated delivery networks, it’s no surprise that continually measuring consumer interactions have become increasingly important.

What stood out most to me at SHSMD’s Annual Conference was the focus on improving consumer satisfaction. The topic of how to improve the consumer experience was repeatedly incorporated into the sub-text of each conference breakout session conversation during lunch, one-on-one conversation and client dinners. Companies with consistently high customer satisfaction like Amazon.com, Marriot International and Southwest Airlines view great service as a continual challenge.

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Owensboro Medical Health System Launches New Employee Communication Tool

We’re excited to announce Owensboro Medical Health System (OMHS) has launched a newly redesigned intranet, called Extra+.  Extra+ helps OMHS communicate with employees and gives employees a central hub for all internal communication.

What’s best about Extra+ is the wide variety of information employees can find, including policies, documents and departmental information. OMHS employees can search through more than 1,000 documents using VitalSite’s policy and procedure manager! For example, if you recently completed a very large EMR implementation and wanted to make training documents available to all departments. Extra+ has you covered! Or, what if you’re interested in learning more about how OMHS supports health and wellness and maybe even sign up for screenings? No problem!

Congratulations OMHS! Geonetric has enjoyed helping you create an intranet that’s truly extraordinary.

Image of the OMHS hospital intranet

Turning Cone Health’s Online Vision into Reality

Defined project goals and designed outcomes. Check.

A forward-thinking healthcare organization that provides exceptional quality, care and transparency through the population it serves. Check.

A partnership with one of the coolest Web companies in the industry; a company filled with big ideas and industry leading best practice recommendations. Check

Only four months have passed since Cone Health, a not-for-profit network of healthcare providers partnered with Geonetric to create a new website. With a list of defined goals and a clear vision, Cone Health had all the components needed for success.

At the start, Geonetric’s expert content strategist, Maggie, led the team to come up with a core strategy statement to guide decisions during implementation. It was amazing to witness how the strategy statement impacted the decisions during the process.

The design for the new site is clean and visually appealing. But best of all, we took their design a step further and created a responsive design site. Cone Health’s new website creates an optimal experience for all types of mobile users.

Additionally, Cone Health is using a number of modules to elevate the functionality of their new website.  One of VitalSite’s most powerful tools – our Calendar and Events Directory – allows them to provide event information online, demonstrating their commitment to caring for the community. You might be thinking, “so site visitors have the ability to sign up for classes online, big whoop.” But not only can site visitors sign up for classes, they can also pay for their class online, and see other events they may be interested in on the same page. We accomplished this by using VitalSite and Geonetric’s  SmartPanel technology.

As we evaluate our project goals, it’s clear the site achieved Core Health’s vision and in the process set the bar high for phase two.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds and have already heard feedback from the community Cone Health serves on how much they value the new website!

Value-Based Service: Not Just another Client-Facing Business Model

On day two of the SHSMD Annual Conference, Ari Fleischer spoke about his experiences as the former White House Press Secretary for George W. Bush.  Ari’s compelling comments reinforced my belief in an action-based commitment model to serve our clients. Understanding that each client shares a different expectation for how their level of service is fulfilled.

Now I know the very mention of Ari Fleischer automatically triggers opinions of our own political beliefs. Understandable. However, I am not here to debate politics. So please take off your political glasses for a moment as we explore a few of the many powerful examples of service-based efforts.

Take for instance a recent conversation I overheard in our booth (808) where Toni Donina of Baldwin Publishing  graciously offered a guest who was accompanying her, this statement ‘… and Geonetric is one of the 4-5 players in this space whose clients actually like them.’ Talk about a powerful message. What great evidence reaffirming what we at Geonetric strives for every day.

Similarly, at Ben Dillon‘s Birthday party celebration, a friend and client we work hand-in-hand with, Kelly Brockmeier, director of marketing at St. Vincent’s HealthCare even brought a gift for Ben. You might be thinking, “She brought a personal gift to Ben, so what?”

Think about it this way, would your business partner inspire you enough to take similar action? As I observed this gracious act of service through action I couldn’t help thinking how proud we are to share this type of bond with St. Vincent’s HealthCare.

The third example is the number of over-the-top positive comments we’ve received during SHSMD about the brilliance of our birthday campaign. Comments like: “Can we take a picture of the board and cupcake stand? We have to share this with our marketing team at our hospital!” And: “Who came up with the hashtag idea (#bensbday)? What a wonderful way to go viral.” Just to name a few. We couldn’t have done this without the support of our clients and ingenious marketing team at Geonetric.

As SHSMD 2012 continues, the entire Geonetric team looks forward to sharing ideas, recommendations and a cupcake or two!

Altru Health System and Geonetric Lead the Healthcare Industry

With so many building projects currently underway at Altru Health System it only seemed fitting for them to work with Geonetric to build one of healthcare’s first responsive design websites.

So what is responsive design? Quite simply, responsive design allows website visitors to experience the full extent of your website by automatically adjusting to any screen size – whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. When a visitor goes to www.altru.org on a smartphone or iPad they’ll notice the entire site displays elegantly and effortlessly. This provides users more access to relevant content and online information that they wouldn’t normally find on a typical mobile website. And that translates into much more meaningful interactions between Altru and their site visitors.

How fitting that the mission of Altru is to improve the health and enrich the lives of patients. By that same token, Geonetric’s mission is to do revolutionary work for our clients. And together, Altru and Geonetric have set the bar quite high when it comes to improving mobile access. Currently, about 15% of Altru’s online traffic originates from mobile devices. What better way to offer those community members access to everything Altru has to offer by creating a responsively-designed website!

Altru’s no stranger when it comes to understanding northeast North Dakota and northwest Minnesota’s wellness expectations. Take Altru’s one-of-a-kind aesthetic center, Truyu Aesthetic Center, which offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures, services and products to rejuvenate physical appearance. Visitors to the responsively-designed microsite will find virtual tours detailing the areas only medically-based surgical and cosmetic procedures.

We congratulate Altru on these accomplishments and look forward to continuing to help them align their Web initiatives to their organizational goals. And if you want to know more about responsive design, contact us.


New Genesis Healthcare System Intranet Empowers Employees

So you’re considering turning your intranet into a lean, mean communication machine? Well, we have good news! It can be done. Genesis Healthcare System recently worked with Geonetric to overhaul their intranet, aptly called iGenesis. (This is in addition to the website we recently launched for the organization.)

With consistency being a big focus, it was important for the intranet design and information architecture to coordinate with Genesis’ new public facing site. So, many of the same design elements on their website are shared throughout iGenesis as well.

We included our Policies & Procedure Manager software as part of the build. Like many healthcare intranets, over the years iGenesis had become a central repository of information, housing numerous outdated documents and broken links. The goal was to create a centralized location where human resources could not only house current and up-to-date policies, but also quickly communicate changes via the intranet to employees.

The new content structure and organization enables users to efficiently find searchable content. Users can search by using an internal search or find what they are looking for in just one to two clicks. For example, a nurse looking for the most recent policy on Insulin: Continuous IV Administration can navigate directly to this policy in a few clicks or search directly by typing out a few keywords in the main navigation.

Congratulations to Genesis Healthcare System on yet another launch that empowers employees!

Now, what’s on the menu for lunch today?

Image of Genesis Healthcare System's hospital intranet

Worlds of Fun – Launching North Kansas City Hospital’s New Web Presence

When I think of Kansas City, my mind always conjures up images of a family trip to Worlds of Fun. I was lucky enough to provide support to North Kansas City Hospital (NKCH) as they worked with Geonetric to build a new Web presence, and let’s just say throughout the project I was as excited as a kid waiting in line for a rollercoaster.

Together NKCH and Geonetric created a consumer site, patient portal and mobile website. The new site offers intuitive navigation and compelling design while providing a multitude of self service options including a comprehensive provider directory, service directory, bill payment, wellness tools, and calendar and events.

And what’s not to love about increasing usability and task completion?!

Plus, Geonetric’s long-term strategic guidance is able to help NKCH’s goal of building a stronger community focus become a reality. You might say we are there at every turn to make sure that rollercoaster stays on its tracks!

Implementing a patient portal was a central goal when creating this new Web presence. NKCH’s patient portal allows users to submit forms that pre-fill with known patient information. This feature allows users to complete health forms for their entire family while managing them in one central, secure place.

NKCH also introduced a mobile site that allows patients easier access to health information while on the go and provides critical way finding navigation to patients and visitors. When a visitor steps into the hospital or the Health Services Pavilion facility they can view maps and directories on their mobile device, allowing them to easily navigate the hospital.

To say that partnering with NKCH has been a world of fun is an understatement! The NKCH marketing team consistently demonstrated their commitment to patient quality and satisfaction throughout the project. And we are just as committed to helping them further their mission – while having some fun along the way!   

Compassion and Quality Care – Meet Your New Web Presence

Five months ago, Genesis HealthCare System, Zanesville, OH, partnered with Geonetric to evaluate its current Web presence, make strategic recommendations and ultimately build a deeply engaging community-centric website.  This week Genesis’ new site went live!

Genesis’ new website ensures users can quickly complete a task online, find critical information and search for a physician.  The design is appealing and friendly, and it reflects Genesis’ core mission of compassion and quality care.

Geonetric also helped Genesis launch a mobile site, making them the first healthcare provider in their region to have a mobile site. The mobile site allows the Genesis community to easily access physicians, locations, services and employment information.

It has truly been a pleasure to work with Genesis on the launch of their website and mobile site. We’ve been impressed with everyone we’ve met throughout the hospital – from the Web team to the cafeteria staff to the gift shop employees. The passion of the entire team and their commitment to quality is reflected on their newly launched site.

Congratulations Genesis on your new Web presence!


Another Reason to Celebrate…

Southern Regional Medical Center (SRMC) has a lot of reasons to celebrate. Forty in fact.

On April 1, 2011 SRMC kicked off its much anticipated 40th anniversary celebration.  When SRMC first opened its doors in April 1971, it promised to deliver the best possible care to patients.  The promise was not only met but exceeded, and after 40 years of serving the community, SRMC ranks as one of Atlanta’s 10 best hospitals.

To help celebrate, they began posting 40 reasons to celebrate on Facebook.  This online campaign provided an opportunity to connect with patients, friends, family members, employees and physicians. As I read through the online comments and posts, it’s evident that over the past 40 years SRMC has remained dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the surrounding community.

When SRMC came to us with the idea of incorporating a redesign into the anniversary promotion, we were thrilled and excited to celebrate alongside them.  Geonetric worked with SRMC to provide a strategy and homepage suggestions.  We worked with SRMC to perform a usability study, tracking their old homepage and determining what information was most valuable to site visitors.  As a result of this feedback, we began executing on a plan to incorporate SRMC’s brand and current campaigns into their new design.  The results are amazing.

Congratulations, SRMC on an eye-catching design that demonstrates your passion for healing and promotes the advanced medical technology you use to deliver the best possible care to your patients.

Here’s to the next 40!

Earn Attention with Real-Time Actions

Consider how connected technology makes us. Thanks to texting, instant messaging and email, there is no more waiting for a response. Yet during this time where instant communication and action is necessary, many hospitals run out to complete focus groups and don’t immediately take action until they’ve calculated all the odds.  Is this really necessary in every situation? More often than not they need to act quickly and in real-time.

At least this is the position poised by David Meerman Scott during a presentation at this year’s Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit, I attended Scott’s session Real-Time Marketing: How to Instantly Engage Your Market and Connect with Customers and let me tell you, his passion for real-time action is contagious. David talked a lot about the power of real-time email communication and responding directly through one-on-one communication.  According to Meerman, one key to unlocking the door of success focuses on the need to earn customers’ attention by real-time actions.

A great example of real-time action and ROI in a crisis situation came during the Chilean mine disaster in 2010.  David shared the story of how sunglass manufacturer Oakley saw an opportunity to provide comfort to each Chilean miner, get some good publicity, and effectively increase their market share by selling more sunglasses.  As the miners emerged after being trapped for weeks, a pair of Oakley sunglasses was placed on the Chilean miners to protect their eyes.  As a result of acting in real-time, Oakley captured 41 million dollars in sunglass revenue.

So how do hospitals create real-time action? David provided a few action steps that transfer well to the healthcare industry:

  • Make everyone in your organization a real-time officer. Everyone? Yes, everyone in the organization should become a real-time officer in order to better communicate with your customers.
  • Develop real-time guidelines and keep the lawyers as far away from decisions as possible. Do you really have time to consult your legal department in every situation?
  • Find a way to manage, listen, monitor and respond to any external feedback taking place outside the walls of your organization.  One of the easiest ways you can accomplish this is by implementing real-time systems and business tools such as HootSuite or TweekDeck.

Obviously many healthcare organizations are limited by what they can do with and without consulting their legal departments, but the theory is still good to internalize. Wherever you can, try to establish a real-time mind-set and empower all your employees to communicate with your patients.

On a side note, I’d like to also say just how much fun I had at the conference meeting new people and being able to be a real-time officer for Geonetric at the show.