Billings Clinic Goes Live with Fresh, Responsive Design

Screenshot of Billings Clinic's webisite

For Billings Clinic, telling their story as a regional provider is important. Being able to tell that story to users on desktops and mobile devices is a necessity.

Since 2012, Billings Clinic’s users on mobile devices tripled. Understanding how their existing site and its multiple drop-down menus might be difficult for those users brought them to Geonetric to help tell their story as a wide-service healthcare provider. Continue reading

Noble Health Alliance Launches Website


In the age of healthcare reform, providers are looking for ways to offer patients a more comprehensive and integrated experience. Enter in Noble Health Alliance, a partnership of four Pennsylvania health systems (to date), formed to encourage population health and eliminate redundancies in healthcare.

Noble Health Alliance is based in Philadelphia and was founded 2013. The organization is one of our newest clients, and the first health alliance website we’ve launched.
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Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula Moves to its New Web Home

CHOMP-Responsive-DesignMoving to a new home – an exciting milestone in many people’s lives. Then, you realize you have to pack. You look at all your belongings and – maybe – cringe. What should you take? What should you discard? What fits the style and look of your new home?Your website is no different. You are constantly evaluating your content (or, trying to!). What stays? What stays, but needs an update? What goes?

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP) worked with Geonetric to launch their newly-designed website. They sought an updated, clean look and feel, as well as the desire to move to a responsive website that presented all users with the content they need, regardless of device. At the same time, CHOMP knew it wasn’t just about getting a new look. They had to clean house and reorganize.

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When Healthcare Organizations Merge, What Happens to the Websites?


We hear about healthcare mergers and acquisitions every day. Hospitals and medical groups are frequently joining up to offer more services and resources for their patients. But what does that mean for their Web presence? Most organizations know they need to invest in a great Web presence but are unsure how their Web initiatives will scale as their organization changes. If you’re wondering how to build a site that can grow and change with your organization, read on!

Cone Health has been a Geonetric client since 2012. They launched an impressive new site just before merging with Alamance Regional Medical Center (ARMC). This merger brought up many questions in terms of online efforts:

  • How would this change their Web strategy?
  • Was all the hard work on the Cone Health website for nothing?
  • How should ARMC update their Web presence to account for the merger?

As both organizations quickly found out, Geonetric’s VitalSite content management software had them covered! When Cone Health merged with ARMC, it became clear that sharing the same VitalSite installation was the way to go. This approach gave both organizations the advantage of allowing them to utilize cross-promotion of their content and modules, while still allowing the organizations to maintain their unique identities. With VitalSite’s FlexFilter dynamic content technology, you can enter information just once and select the specific sites it should appear on, saving everyone time.

The teams were able to work collaboratively and share knowledge that brought out the best of both the Cone Health and ARMC sites! If your Web team could use some help with an upcoming merger, contact us today to see how VitalSite’s flexibility can be the foundation of a scalable Web strategy.

Medical Group of the Carolinas Improves Physician Promotion


Deciding how to promote your physicians can be tough. There are so many different ways to highlight your doctors it can quickly get complicated. Let’s not forget about how making sure your physicians are happy also plays into the mix. Ultimately, there is no cookie-cutter approach. The best strategy really depends on your specific situation and figuring out what best supports your overall organizational goals and priorities.

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Making the Call to Action a Priority on Responsive Healthcare Websites

Abington Health Mobile

On your website, how do you decide where to place your most important content? On a desktop it’s fairly easy because we know people use the “T” pattern to skim content. If you are like a lot of our clients, you use side panels and place them on your pages accordingly. But what happens to those panels on a responsive site?

If you haven’t given this much thought – now would be a good time to start. Panels on sites using responsive design can fall to the very bottom of the page when a mobile device is used. And this can lessen the effectiveness of your calls to action.

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Building a Brand as a Regional Healthcare Organization

9-17-2013 11-02-40 AM

CentraCare Health is comprised of five hospitals, five long-term care facilities, and dozens of clinics in St. Cloud, MN.  Like many organizations CentraCare Health is focused on building a brand that promotes the regional healthcare organization.

We recently worked with CentraCare Health to launch a new system-wide site. We pulled all of their individual hospital websites into one VitalSite installation, which allows them to easily maintain all their content (they used DreamWeaver before) and moves support from the I.T. team to the marketing team. We added new functionalty — CentraCare Health is most excited about its new eCommerce features, such as bill payment, Volusion gift shop and event registration functionality. And we wrote new content that focuses on the system benefits and educates consumers about the variety of treatment options offered at CentraCare Health.

If we had to name a client whose staff paid great attention to detail, the award would definitely go to CentraCare Health. We worked very closely with them from contract to launch, making sure they had all the information they needed to make the right decision. It was refreshing to hear them think through their options and collaboratively come up with the right next steps.

Not only is the website a work of art, it’s got some of the best content around. Congratulations to Candace, Kara, Paul and the entire CentraCare Health project team!

What Does it Take to Launch a Healthcare Website in a Timely Manner?

Working with great folks like the team at KishHealth System. From day one they viewed Geonetric as the expert and were willing to use our guidance when making implementation decisions. I’m really excited to see where the team at KishHealth takes their new online marketing effort. For fun, I asked the team to send us a photo so we can put names and faces to the project.

KishHealth has two main hospitals in the DeKalb, IL area. They are growing like crazy and the website was part of a larger rebranding effort. It’s one of the first website designs to incorporate a ‘sticky’ version of the main navigation where the navigation bar stays at the top of the page as you scroll top to bottom.

Team Geonetric has yet another satisfied client – thanks to all contributions from every team great and small!


Medical Center Virtual Tour Keeps Community Updated

Genesis HealthCare System in Zanesville, Ohio is doing something many healthcare systems across the country are doing – building a new medical center. And they wanted to keep the community informed with the building progress and involved in the project. So we helped them build an interactive virtual tour that does just that.
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New Centralized Site for Meritas Health Proves More is Not Always Better

Sixteen separate websites. It’s a lot for a marketing team to manage. And it’s a lot for site visitors to navigate.

That’s why Meritas Health decided to move to one comprehensive website. They’re not alone – the move to system sites is popular right now. HCA Virginia and LewisGale Regional Health System both recently worked with us to reinvent and reorganize their Web presence.

Why the move to an integrated site? Organizations understand that one site is easier for site visitors to interact with – and it helps them show the services offered at a system level.

Mertias Health now has one site for all 16 of their clinic locations to call home. It’s clean, easy-to-navigate, and does a great job of focusing on the regionally-known Meritas Health brand while still allowing individual clinics ample space to tell their story.

Moving to a central, single site structure was certainly one of the main goals, but not the only one. The new site also better meets the needs of mobile users with responsive design, offers convenient functionality like online bill payment, and helps promote the organization’s providers with robust physician profiles.

It takes a lot of thought and effort to consolidate content and Meritas Health made lots of hard decisions to get here. But the end result is truly user-focused and showcases the strength of the Meritas Health network. Congrats!

Meritas Health Homepage

Integrated Web Content Benefits LewisGale Regional Health System Users

As more hospitals, outpatient centers and physician practices join forces to share expensive technology and gain from the knowledge and skill of experienced clinicians, the need to speak with a unified voice online becomes imperative. HCA’s Capital Division has partnered with Geonetric to meet that and other goals for its multiple facilities and websites.

Content Mash-Up

Beyond the organizational and emotional upheaval brought on by merging business cultures when hospitals and medical groups combine their efforts comes the challenge of creating a new Web presence. The new “system” website must build on the stellar reputations of the individual players while highlighting the benefits users will receive from their newfound access to resources across the entire system. Often, that means creating a new Web presence that’s a mash-up of all the existing websites – and rethinking everything about content and users in the process.

Latest HCA Capital Division Web Update

As HCA’s Capital Division continues its Web restructuring activities, the latest site to launch is LewisGale Regional Health System, the hub of its Southwest Virginia market. LewisGale incorporates four hospitals, six outpatient centers, two cancer centers and 700 physicians. While based in Salem/Roanoke, the entire service area stretches from Alleghany Highlands and Rockbridge County on the north to the Roanoke and New River Valleys on the south, a distance of more than 100 miles.

LewisGale: Integrated Message for System Services

LewisGale’s far-flung individual players recognized the need for an integrated message – one that reflects the system’s hub-and-spoke approach to delivering a wide range of sophisticated services – and they invested in a partnership with Geonetric to make that happen. We built on the awareness that the region is filled with small communities where personal relationships are key.

Because area residents are used to getting care close to home from doctors and nurses they know and trust, we knew it was crucial for the website to maintain the essence of LewisGale’s century-old, well-known brand – their highly regarded, effective and compassionate care.

New Web content developed for the site assures LewisGale’s communities and users – no matter where they live in the region or where they start in the system – of fast access to expert acute care with top quality results.


The new content also illustrates that, when needed, local providers can connect patients with specialized care or transfer them within the system while maintaining continual, two-way communication to monitor those patients, who will return for local follow-up and ongoing care close to home.

Change as Opportunity for Integrated Web Presence

As with the newly launched website for HCA Virginia in Richmond, LewisGale used the transition from individual hospitals and practices to an integrated system as the springboard for transforming their online presence.

Building on the HCA Virginia groundwork, LewisGale’s new site uses the same Capital Division look and feel to promote the power of their network, expertise and technology.


This approach also lets LewisGale highlight individual hospitals when appropriate.


Simpler Structure, Responsive Design, Better Information

LewisGale’s new website content, new site structure and new responsive design make it easy for their consumers, communities and physician practices to find information about services at the system level and follow the path to accessing the care they need close to home. The total number of pages on the site was significantly reduced while an informative presence was created for services that were previously invisible.

Learn more about the HCA Virginia website project and watch our webinar, The Content Conundrum.

Concord Hospital Launches New Responsive Design

Concord Hospital partnered with Geonetric to take their website to the next level. Concord Hospital wanted a site that would engage the community with enhanced functionality and content – built on a responsive platform the new site does just that. The Concord Hospital team jumped in with both feet and worked diligently to make sure the site would meet the needs of the hospital’s growing mobile market by providing an optimal viewing experience for all site visitors, no matter what device they are using to access the site.

In addition to promoting the hospital’s Centers of Excellence, the website takes advantage of VitalSite SmartPanels to cross promote events, providers and locations. This functionality provides the visitor with a quick link to providers and locations that are tied to a key service line. The new website also features the Healthwise health library, which provides health information, decision points and a symptom checker.

Congratulations on the launch of your new website Concord Hospital and welcome to the Geonetric family!

Concord Hospital's responsive design hospital website home page

Reinventing a Website

Seven hospitals. 2,500 affiliated doctors. More than 70 additional locations representing physician practices, imaging centers, surgery centers and more. All under the umbrella of HCA Virginia. And all represented by dozens of disparate, unconnected websites.

Sound familiar?

Freestanding hospitals are increasingly joining forces as large healthcare systems, which results in expanded offerings — more providers, broader services, advanced technology — and new brand identities. If you’ve experienced this as a healthcare marketer, you can appreciate the thought and effort that goes into communicating these changes. If you haven’t, you can learn from those who’ve been there.

The sweeping changes that accompany large-scale restructuring demand strategic communication. You have a new opportunity to express who you are and what you do. You have a chance to reshape the perceptions of consumers, referring physicians and competitors.

To their credit, HCA Virginia used the transition from a collection of hospital sites to an integrated central site as an opportunity to transform their online presence. They built a new website from the ground up, eliminating four websites representing seven hospitals in the process.

New Brand

They invested in a new brand campaign – Life/You Only Get One – promoting the combined power of their network, expertise and technology.

our_hca_virginiaNew Content

They also created entirely new Web content, dedicating the time and resources to getting it right. In partnering with them on this project, one of our objectives was to express the breadth of services across the entire system. We started by identifying and learning about each hospital’s offerings, a process that yielded great insights about the mix of offerings across HCA Virginia.

As is typical of many hospitals, many services were under-represented on the Web or had no visibility at all. On the new site, all services are included, along with reasons to choose HCA Virginia for care:



New Structure

The new site was not without its challenges. Individual hospitals were accustomed to a separate, robust Web presence. With the new site, content on services focused more on the system brand and less on distinct facilities. Had we created robust content for the system and for each entity, we would have ended up with a lot of duplicate content (and risked a negative impact on organic search).

HCA Virginia was willing to make hard choices to meet their objectives. Consumers and community physicians learn about services at the system level and follow paths to accessing care at specific facilities. While content for each hospital has been significantly reduced, coverage of healthcare services has been expanded. As a result, the new website has less than 500 pages and a lot more impact.

Grant Sanborn, Director of Interactive Marketing for the HCA Capital Division summarizes it well: “Ultimately, the way we structured the content is logical and makes sense for consumers, which was our goal. The new site consolidates content around services, displays the breadth and depth of what we offer, raises the profile of physician practices, and, in the process, lifts all boats. “

Learn more about this initiative by watching our webinar: The Content Conundrum.

Push Button Deployments: The Greatest Feature You’ll Never Use

It’s kind of hard to get you excited about a VitalSite feature that you won’t click, open, save or interact with. And it’s kind of hard to build enthusiasm for something that won’t make your day-to-day work any easier. But I’m going to try anyway. Mostly because it’s important you know about something huge we just released in VitalSite 6.5.

In short, we’ve implemented push button deployments. This means we can now deploy a new version of VitalSite to websites by pushing a button in a deployment dashboard.
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Cornerstone Health Care Launches Responsive Site

Cornerstone Health Care has partnered with Geonetric to take their Web presence to the next level. With Cornerstone’s rebranding and new content combined with Geonetric’s VitalSite and expertise, a new site was launched with an emphasis on the physician, location and service modules.

When Cornerstone started the project they only had twelve pages of content. Together, we built out their service line content to include a landing page for each service line. Cornerstone gathered information from the service directors and wrote almost fifty pages of service line content for the new site, which Geonetric then added into VitalSite.

With the power of VitalSite, we were able to cross-promote the Cornerstone practice locations and providers on the service line pages using SmartPanels. In addition, content from the press releases were added to the news module to allow the new content to be searchable.

Geonetric’s design team created a clean, engaging design for Cornerstone’s consumers and with the site built responsively. Visitors are able to view and enjoy the site regardless of what device they are on.

It was great to partner with Cornerstone Health Care to build a fun, exciting site from the ground up. It is always easy to work with a client toward a common goal when each team is dedicated to each other. Welcome to the family, Cornerstone!

Home page of Cornerstone Health Care's responsive design website