SHSMD Taskforce Unveils the Ultimate Healthcare Strategy Guide

Strategy GuideThe forces of change are arraying and the impact on healthcare marketing, public relations, communications and planning will be significant. The change isn’t just driven from healthcare reform, it’s also coming from health consumerism and advances in technology including big data, personalized communication and CRM.

I’ve had the opportunity over the past year to be part of a SHSMD think tank exploring the future of the strategy disciplines — marketing, planning, public relations, corporate communications, and physician relations — within the healthcare enterprise.

This task force, working with David Grandy and a team of design thinking consultants from HDR consulting, interviewed, work shopped and vetted its conclusions with hundreds of professionals, executives and CEOs from both inside and outside of our industry.

The result of this work is the impressive Bridging Worlds report. It provides a detailed and actionable plan outlining the changes that healthcare organizations need to make to succeed in the future.

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What 10 of the Most “Effective US Health System Websites” Have in Common

It’s always good to know where you stand, and very few things help us with this as much as a third party, independent comparative analysis of how our work ranks against the rest of the industry. A peer-reviewed research article published in the February 2012 issue of the Journal of Healthcare Management[1] attempts to do this very thing…

The researchers reviewed 636 hospital and health system websites and ranked each on Accessibility, Content, Marketing, and Technology metrics. An overall score was then computed for each site.

The results are simply outstanding.

Four Geonetric clients are listed in the overall top 25. An additional six sites are leaders in the evaluation categories. What an accomplishment for our clients!

These ten sites represent community hospitals, specialty hospitals, and health systems from coast to coast — there is obviously more than luck at play in the fact that these sites scored so well.

The winning combination: VitalSite and Geonetric

The fact is, we design our VitalSite content management solution to be the most capable platform in the industry. That means we work hard on fundamental capabilities, like responsive design, navigation that’s possible without Flash or JavaScript, SEO best practices, accessibility and Web standards, to ensure our platform provides our clients with the ultimate technical solution for their content, marketing and portal needs.

On top of that, our design and content teams excel at implementing extraordinary design: information architectures, user experiences and content that informs and motivates action. Couple this with gung-ho clients, and it’s no wonder we’re seeing more and more recognition in the industry. Geonetric has the right tools and the right teams to make an otherwise sleepy website sizzle.

Of course, we’ve been saying this all along. But it’s still nice to have an independent research team acknowledge this to an audience of 30,000 health care professionals in one of the most respected journals in the industry.

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[1] Ford, E. W., Huerta, T. R., Schilhavy, R. A. M., Menachemi, N., & Walls, V. U. (January 01, 2012). Effective US Health System Websites: Establishing Benchmarks and Standards for Effective Consumer Engagement. Journal of Healthcare Management, 57, 1, 47-65.