Making Dreams Come True for Employees at Work

A four day work week?  A huge raise?  Are these the things that a “dream job” is made of?

To some individuals in the workforce, receiving more time off and more pay are two of the biggest incentives to having a “successful” job.  Is money alone enough of a factor to take a new job or stay at an existing job?  The management team at Geonetric is exploring such a question, as we dive into our next reading experience for our management book club.

Matthew Kelly’s newest book, “The Dream Manager” brings a new idea to the workplace. Employees understand a company’s purpose is to become “the-best-version-of-itself.”  Kelly poses the question, “What is an employee’s purpose?”  He challenges the conventional thinking that employees exist to promote the greater purpose and vision of the company, but instead perhaps the employee’s primary purpose is to become “the-best-version of himself or herself.”

Kelly’s work parable in “The Dream Manager” takes a company that is fighting high turnover rates and transforms its business by actively engaging a disengaged workforce.  In Kelly’s fictitious company the “dream managers” were able to focus individually on what was driving the very core of their employees’ lives.  They quickly discovered that work composed just a fraction of their employees’ dreams.

I encourage managers and C-level executives to read Kelly’s book.  It brings a fresh perspective to a subject all companies face: turnover.  It challenged me as a member of the human resources community to look at turnover as an opportunity instead of a challenge.  Our employees invest much of their time and energy into building the dreams of the company. Why not invest a bit of our company into their dreams?

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Anne Ohrt

About Anne Ohrt

As the human resources manager, Anne welcomes every new employee to Geonetric with a smiling face and goes out of her way to make sure every employee feels at home. She is involved daily with recruiting and training employees, as well as coordinating internal communications and managing employee benefits. Anne is the mastermind behind the fun and engaging internal events and parties, and she takes a lead role in organizing the company’s annual client event, the eHealth Symposium.

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