Moving beyond the homepage

Do you spend too much time and attention on your homepage?

I hear the backlash: “No, it’s not possible to spend too much time on the homepage! It’s the single most visited page on the site! I’m fielding half a dozen requests for homepage space at this very moment…”

True, the homepage is the focal point of the Web site, the front door, the first impression that we try to make. But “try” is the operative word here. While we are meticulously fussing over the entryway, the door, the curb appeal, hordes of people are hopping the fence, crawling through a second story window and seeing the mess that we’ve heaped in the bedroom.

Fully HALF of site visits never touch your homepage.  Even more than that start somewhere else in the site.

Every page on your site should be considered a landing page. Ask yourself:

  • Why does this page exist?
  • Who do I expect to visit this page?
  • What do they want to do from here?
  • What do I want them to do once they’re here?
  • How can I make doing those things effortless?

So spend less time each day focusing on your homepage and invest in optimizing the experience on every page on your site.

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Ben Dillon

About Ben Dillon

Ben’s a big picture type of guy. He loves sharing new ideas in digital marketing, keeping a watchful eye on healthcare industry trends and seeing how it all intersects. A sought-after speaker, writer, blogger and current SHSMD board member, Ben’s an influential voice in healthcare marketing, helping organizations across the country embrace online strategies to engage health consumers. Combine his industry savvy with his background in software development and you can see why he’s also an important member of Geonetric’s software team, ensuring our content management system stays a step ahead of market needs. Ben holds a master’s degree in eBusiness and strategic management from the University of Iowa and a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan. When he’s not traveling and evangelizing, Ben enjoys cooking with his family and playing the Big House with the University of Michigan Alumni marching band.

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