How I Spent My Recent Sabbatical

There is no place in the world like home. I have the luxury of having two homes: one in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a home far away from home, and the other at my parent’s house in Mandya, India, which I get to visit every two to three years. That’s the longest I can stay away from home. In Feb. of 2008 I took four weeks of vacation to visit my family in India along with my husband CK and our son Rohan (convenient getaway from the brutal winter of Iowa).

We visited lots of places along with my family. Here are the few places that we visited,

1. Mysore – famous for its palace, Chamundi Hills, Brindhavan Garden.

2. Goa – for beach and fun

3. Bangalore – ck’s home and Silicon Valley of India.

4. Safari park

5. Murudeshwar and Gokarna

6. ShivanaSamudra

It was a fun and learning experience for my son and gave him much needed exposure to Indian culture. Within two weeks he was able to pick up our mother tongue “Kannada” and taught his cousin brother English :). Rohan speaks “Kannada” at home and his cousin brother speaks English. He got a lot of love from his grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousin brothers, which is rare for him here. He was not ready to get back to Cedar Rapids. Why would he be? There were no rules at his grandparents’ house-he could get up and jump on his grandpa and go around in a bike with my brother.

As for me, I enjoyed eating food my mom made; attending marriages and functions (I think I had three marriages and four functions to attend); visiting our relatives and having road side food called chats (eg. Pani puri, Masala puri, etc) every evening with CK; watching desi (Indian) movies; and yes, lots and lots of shopping with my sister.

All this was possible due to my extended vacation through Geonetric’s sabbatical program. Hey, we all could use extra week(s) of vacation to spend more time with family or whatever we want to do. Here I am back from India and getting ready for the next visit home :).

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1 thought on “How I Spent My Recent Sabbatical

  1. Usharani,
    Your company is listed along with 70 others that provides sabbatical experiences for employees. (See Companies on a Quest @ While we find people choose so many different experiences, many do choose to travel back to countries to visit their families.

    I especially noted how important it is for your son to become a part of his culture.
    Couldn’t find other employees from your company blogging. Enjoyed your post.

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