The Pursuit of Health, Happiness and a Fun Place to Work

We work with hospitals and health systems, so we are well aware of all the efforts the healthcare industry puts into promoting wellness and healthy living.  Because we align ourselves so closely with our clients and their goals, Geonetric takes wellness pretty seriously.

In fact, some of the benefits I found most intriguing when I applied to Geonetric were wellness-themed.  Geonetric offers employees free gym memberships, fresh fruit for healthy snacking delivered weekly, and to relieve stress, a much-anticipated monthly massage day.

During my first month at Geonetric, it really became apparent how much they embrace wellness.  I was still trying to master the intricacies of Outlook’s calendar feature when I was invited to join the Geo Walking Club.  I immediately accepted as I thought it’d be a great way to meet people and take a look around my new neighborhood.

What I thought was going to be a leisurely two-block stroll turned into a two mile hike in heels (did I mention this was mid-July in Iowa?)  I tried to keep up conversations with my new coworkers, but between the panting and trying to wipe away the sweat that was pouring down my forehead; I don’t think I impressed anyone.

My first trip with Geo Walking Club not only illustrated just how out of shape I was, it also illustrated how active the employees at Geonetric are.  We have three cross country skiers, two marathoners, a certified fitness instructor, a cyclist, a number of joggers and golfers, and even a high-purple belt in tae kwon do on staff.  And we bowl… does that count?

And so I join the ranks of the active Geoites… I go to the gym regularly.  I’ve embarrassed myself thoroughly at a kickboxing class.  And I keep an extra pair of shoes under my desk just in case I’m invited to join the Geo Walking Club again.

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Heather Stanley

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A born storyteller, Heather shares her creative ideas and love of writing with Geonetric as our senior marketing communications strategist. Through campaign development, content marketing and media relations, Heather helps shape our message in the market with compelling and powerful copy. This seasoned communications professional and award-winning writer has 15 years of experience in both print and digital marketing. She holds a bachelors of business administration in marketing and a bachelors of arts in communications studies from the University of Iowa and has taken graduate level advertising courses at Boston University. Always eager to learn the latest marketing trends, Heather is a co-organizer of a popular Digital Marketing Meetup.

3 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Health, Happiness and a Fun Place to Work

  1. I’ve heard that you even have two really buff guys who do HIT (High Intensity Training) on your staff. That sounds really awesome!!!

  2. Matt – Yes, I forgot to mention the buff guys who do HIT … I’ve seen them at the gym a few times but it always seems like they are talking more than training … High Intenstiy Talking… just kidding. =)

    Segan – Yes – it is a lot of fun!

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