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I recently had the opportunity to present at our client symposium on eNewsletters.  If your organization uses eNewsletters to connect with prospects, here are some quick and easy tips to makes sure you’re getting the most out of your efforts. There are five areas to evaluate to make sure your eNewsletter is effectively communicating with your audience.

Subject lines – A good subject line improves credibility and increases open rates.  Some tips for creating a good subject line are to include the name of your hospital/eNewsletter, stay within four-to-eight words, stress a benefit or pose a question, and avoid words like “free.”  You also want to make sure your “from line” includes your organization’s name or your eNewsletter name, as it adds to the overall credibility.

Article length –Try to adhere to Web writing best practices when writing articles for your eNewsletter. Give a one or two sentence teaser and then send readers to your Web site (which is your main goal)! Also try to include five-to-seven topics per issue.

Branding – Branding is important to your eNewsletter because you want your reader to know that your eNewsletter is an extension of your organization.  Ways to incorporate your brand into your eNewsletter are to create a design that is consistent with your Web site, review your logo, colors, graphics and fonts for consistency with your brand, and be sure your logo is displayed in the preview pane.

Content Balance – Your eNewsletters has dual goals:  you want to provide value to your readers with educational and informational topics, but you also want to promote your organization and your events.    There needs to be a balance of the editorial and promotional content so the readers feel they are receiving more educational information and not just advertising for your organization.  A good rule to follow is to aim for 60 percent editorial content and 40 percent promotional content.

Constantly Evaluate – One of the main benefits of having an eNewsletter is that you can easily track the successes and failures from month to month and make changes accordingly.  Here are some of the more important metrics used for evaluation open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, click-to-open rates, click-to-conversion rates, and bounce rates.

Using eNewsletters to begin and grow relationships will only gain in popularity because they make it easy to target your audience and personalize messages, they are an economical way to reach a large number compared to other communication channels, and it’s easy to track your success.  Hopefully these are tips you can use right away to evaluate and improve your eNewsletters.

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