HSI – Closing Thoughts

After a few intense days here in Orlando, HSI is beginning to wind down. It’s been a very successful show for us from our perspective as an exhibitor. Attendance was strong and attendees where very engaged in conference activities.

A few takeaways:

  • If you have an internet show where there are no printed handouts, you need to be setup assuming that everyone is using laptops. Having the conference rooms wired for power and with functional Internet access available is no longer a “nice to have” – it is a requirement.
  • Healthcare has come a long way in its use of social media over the past year. Shel Holtz presented a keynote session again this year. This year’s presentation had many more good examples of usage from within the industry.
  • “New media” isn’t really all that new anymore.
  • Most organizations are still not effectively coordinating their online efforts into their multi-channel campaigns. Organizations that are leveraging their traditional marketing investment with online calls to action, the added ROI is significant.
  • Mobile is emerging as an exciting delivery platform. It appears that many organizations entering this space have been hypnotized by their iPhones and have forgotten that other mobile phones exist.
  • Technology will blow up, usually during a presentation. Ok, this is really just a reminder to me…
  • We’re all still trying to sort out the relationship between the EMR, PHR and the Consumer and Patient Portals. Getting this right will drive the next great shift in the healthcare consumer’s experience and is a necessary component of the biggest shift in healthcare delivery in more than a decade – consumer-directed care.

So it’s been a good show and a good year for eHealth. Thus far, the eHealth market space is holding strong in the face of the global economic crisis. I didn’t speak with a single vendor here that was not having their best year ever. But there is a nervous vibe in the air about where this is going and what 2009 will bring. The 2009 conference will have tracks on ROI and workflow improvement/cost savings from the Web – a clear attempt to make the conference more attractive under an anticipated environment of tighter budgets and economic uncertainty.

Personally, I’m exhausted. From early morning flights and breakfast meetings to dinners and networking events running late into the night, it’s been go-go-go all week. But it’s a good tired.

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