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Redbook has been magically appearing in my home mailbox over the past year.  I don’t usually have much time to read non-work related material but on a recent flight home from Las Vegas, where I had the opportunity to attend the Customer Based Marketing for Healthcare Strategists conference, I was afforded some quality magazine time.

In the January 09 issue, Redbook identified the Hottest Health Trends for 09. Number seven on their hot list was Putting Your Health Info Out There. “Out There” meaning on the Internet and the ability for individuals to have personalized online access to medical records, flag personalized drug interactions, set up appointments, and also have online communications with preferred medical professionals.

This article was a bit ironic for me, due to the fact that the core of the sessions I attended at CBM focused on personalized health care.  A great deal of discussion was around what makes up and how to create the “ideal” online experience for visitors to healthcare facility Web sites.  Following online “communities” such as Facebook and  MySpace, eHealth is redefining its community centered presence and building online relationships and trust with past, present and future visitors.

eHealth can no longer merely serve as a vehicle for finding a facility or a doctor, but will need to become much more patient-centered and personalized, with the understanding that “one size does not fit all.”  Users will want to know specifically how healthcare facilities can “touch me” or offer a solution to “my problem.”  Healthcare facilities need to be able to differentiate themselves in their specialties and compliment what their organization is already doing, and use the capabilities of the Web to help users buy into their promise.

I am eager to see how this hot health trend will unfold in 2009.  How exciting it will be to see how it might allow me to have more interaction with my doctors, my records, and have a whole new healthcare experience.

How has your eHealth “experience” been so far?

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