Spare a Moment for the Kids.

It is a fact and a blessing that we were not all gifted with the same skills. While I am a fairly accomplished singer, I am perhaps the world’s worst bowler. In fact my high school friends used to take me bowling just to see the amazing feat of me throwing the ball behind myself.  I am needless to say a bit scared, but eager, to pick up the bowling ball again in order to support a cause that is near and dear to my heart.

I have the pleasure of having a “little” sister. She and I were matched a year ago through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Iowa.  We started out as lunch buddies, where I would spend an hour or so twice a month with her at school, and then we decided to go “community-based” so we could take advantage of doing more things together in the community.

So what does this sweet little story have to do with bowling?  Each year Big Brothers Big Sister’s has their annual fundraiser – Bowl for Kids Sake – and last week, I bowled with my “sister” and other members of the Geonetric team who have a heart for the unreached kids of our community.

Bowl for Kids Sake allows the Big Brothers Big Sister’s group to provide outreach and enrichment opportunities to children that have been identified in the community.  There are still many kids who need a little extra TLC and they have a waiting list for matches.

It is a true pleasure to be involved in such a great organization that assists in building up kids and providing positive role models, and to also be part of a company that supports its employees and allows them to plan activities, such as Wii bowling tournaments and a Walking Taco Day to raise money.

As we have been saying all month…”It’s for the kids.”

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Anne Ohrt

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As the human resources manager, Anne welcomes every new employee to Geonetric with a smiling face and goes out of her way to make sure every employee feels at home. She is involved daily with recruiting and training employees, as well as coordinating internal communications and managing employee benefits. Anne is the mastermind behind the fun and engaging internal events and parties, and she takes a lead role in organizing the company’s annual client event, the eHealth Symposium.

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