Geonetric Unveils Videos Used at Awards Ceremony

Geonetric was recently nominated for two 2009 Prometheus Awards from the Technology Association of Iowa: CEO of the Year and Technology Company of the Year. All nominees were asked to provide a 30-second video to play during the nomination announcements – much like you see at the Grammys or Oscars awards ceremonies.

The assortment of possibilities swarmed through discussions of what message we wanted to convey.  Creating a video that portrays a high-impact, yet simple message seemed like an intricate task.   After scrubbing through video footage, photos, and marketing materials, we cut, cut, and cut until we found a classic, professional way to express our mission of building an exceptional team of experts who do revolutionary work for our clients.


We submitted our video. Then, we were asked by the TAI folks to submit an additional video so that they could show individual videos for each category for which we were nominated.  We quickly pulled together some footage from an interview that Eric (our CEO) did when we won the “Best Place to Work” award last year.


The results of the TAI awards revealed why they were so adamant to get that second video.  Eric won the CEO of the Year award!  Yay!  We’re so proud to have an executive of his caliber lead our company.

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Michael Deeter

About Michael Deeter

Michael is a member of the development team at Geonetric and is responsible for ensuring VitalSite offers the functional and user-friendly design clients expect. Whenever the core product is updated, he revises the design elements to reflect and incorporate any changes. In addition, Michael researches new technologies that he applies to design mock-ups, helping Geonetric’s usability team test new ideas. He is always looking for ways to improve VitalSite’s design and provide a simple user-experience while maintaining a high-quality product. Michael also lends his design talents to the marketing department by helping plan and produce multimedia projects.

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