Social media is here, where’s your plan?

So I’ve been twittering. That’s right, I’m on the bandwagon. Once you start crafting your thoughts in 140-character bites, it’s hard to stop. As I sat down to write this blog post, I couldn’t help but think about the differences between blogging and twittering.

Of course they are both forms of social media. But they serve drastically different functions.

Blogs used to be an outlet for organizations to communicate everything-they’ve been used for both deliberate communications, like convincing patients of the success of a certain service line, as well as instant communications of critical information.

But what we’re seeing now is a split in the communications pattern. Blogs are being used for more strategic, thought-out messages, while Twitter is the go-to channel for rapid fire communication. And working together, these outlets become a combined voice for the organization that serves different needs-and often different audiences.

Social media is everywhere. And it’s gaining in popularity. As Linda and Ben discuss in their eNewsletter articles this month, even crisis communications plans need to be revised in order to consider different social media outlets.

Which makes me wonder, how is your organization establishing and supporting your multiple communications channels? How has social media changed your approach?

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