The Impact of the Content Timeline on the Launch of a Web Site

When I started at Geonetric, a very wise project manager told me that no matter how hard they try, clients always underestimate the amount of work required to write and place content on a brand new Web site.

I took these words of wisdom into consideration when I oversaw my first project launch at Geonetric, and I still remain cognizant of them many project launches later. While my batting average is improving, it’s still not 100 percent.  Every launch teaches me new tricks and illustrates different obstacles that need to be overcome.

I recently finished working with Asante Health System on the launch of their new Web site (it looks great by the way).  What I learned this time around is that quickly addressing content inquiries from the client and discussing content progress at every status meeting makes a huge difference-but is not the entire answer.  A soft launch internally can make a world of difference.  Making sure that you schedule the time for people within your organization to have a ‘sneak peak’ at what’s to come can go a long way in getting buy in, planning for what’s to come next, and providing time to polish the finished product.

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Jill Ungs

About Jill Ungs

Jill is a list person. She not only gets endorphins from checking things off her lists, but adding things to the list as well.. This makes her the perfect person to manage and mentor Geonetric’s project management and support teams. Her goal is continuous improvement and she brings her resourcefulness and attention to detail to her role as implementation manager. Jill is always looking for ways to standardize processes and make her teams more efficient. She’s also known as the Kickoff Queen, and some of her favorite duties is meeting new clients, establishing project plans and timelines for their projects, and ensuring her team meets every major milestone.

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