What’s so great about having an intranet anyway?

Sure, every hospital needs a Web site, but what about an intranet?  Is having an intranet for your employees truly worthwhile?  Really, what can an intranet do for your employees?  You hear about time efficiencies and cost savings, but what does that really mean?

Let’s take a look at a few Geonetric clients who have recently implemented intranets: Methodist Medical Center of Illinois (MMCI) and University of Colorado Hospital (UCH).

Previously, both organizations had no central location for employee resources and applications.  But once they created a centralized location for employees via an intranet system, it became obvious that having an intranet offers so much more.

Both clients are using our VitalSite 5 CMS to provide a one-stop shop for employees and have applied our modules in creative new ways to better serve their employees.  MMCI and UCH are using their intranets to:

  • Recognize current employees. Both clients use their intranet to recognize current employees.  All it takes is a few minutes of someone’s time.  MMCI shows photos of employees of the month on the intranet homepage.  UCH offers an employee spotlight and employees can submit a form via the intranet to post as ‘kudos’ to their co-workers.  Getting recognized on the intranet is much more meaningful than a high-five!
  • Access up-to-date directories. Both clients use online directories. They are easy to maintain – you only have to update the information in one place – and ensure you are providing staff with information that is accurate. MMCI is using an employee search that is integrated with Active Directory, which is updated nightly with an automated export.  Plus it has a doctor directory for nurses and staff who want to search physician status with the hospital.  UCH is using our services module for their departments so that departments can easily manage content for their areas.
  • Make calendar of events available with registration. MMCI relies on the calendar module for upcoming events and classes.  Employees can search the calendar, and it also provides the ability to register online—all in one place!
  • Provide online forms. MMCI is using our forms manager module to migrate internal paper forms to the intranet.  Rather than printing off stacks of paper forms for basic internal requests and handing it from person-to-person, employees complete forms on the intranet and the process is automated.  It is all automated and stored in the site admin.  No more forms getting lost in the shuffle.
  • Submit timely communications. Both clients also use a module that highlights announcements on the intranet homepage, so employees are always up-to-date on various happenings at the hospital.  This is much easier and much more effective than a corkboard and thumbtacks!

These are just a few of the ways that clients can utilize an intranet system with Geonetric.  Our modules can easily be modified to meet the unique intranet needs of employees.  So, what’s so great about having an intranet?  Basically everything!  The potential cost savings and time efficiencies are only the beginning of what an intranet can do for your organization.

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Andrea Joyner

About Andrea Joyner

A born networker, Andrea left the surveys and spreadsheets of her market research career for the opportunity to work with healthcare organizations and provide strategic direction for their online initiatives. She’s worked with heavy hitters including Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cleveland Clinic, so she understands how to help our clients reach across departmental boundaries and gain buy-in for Web initiatives. An advocate of measurement, she leverages her research skills to create competitive benchmarks for our clients, ensuring they continue to be leaders in the eHealth space. Andrea holds a BA in English with a minor business from Mt. Mercy College. When she’s not building bridges for clients, she’s building them at Geonetric by organizing company sports teams and fundraisers.

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