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When was the last time you spoke to your vendor’s CEO? (When was the last time your vendor’s CEO called you about anything?)  As the CEO at Geonetric, I’m available to take a client’s call just about any time. And as I mentioned in my ‘This is the CEO Calling…’ post, I initiate a call to every client every quarter to get their feedback.

Client Satisfaction is the overall measure of Geonetric’s performance from the client’s perspective. We ask three questions, with time for open-ended comments. And the results aren’t just something for the executive team to review behind closed doors. Nope. We compile and trend the data and present it at an all-company meeting. Every quarter. Because it’s just that important.

And in the spirit of transparency, I’ve been sharing the scores in blog posts with readers throughout the year.

The results

We measure client satisfaction on a scale of 1-6, with 6 being “exceptional” and 1 being “poor.”  Our goal is to average 5 or higher – so a single low score can really hurt!

As you can see in the charts, we’ve fallen just a bit short of our goal recently. However, I’m pleased to report that our overall score went up this quarter – and in fact, is the highest score we’ve had since 2007.

Here’s the trend:
Question: Overall, how satisfied are you with the products and services you receive from Geonetric?

Product Service Scores

Question: How likely would you be to recommend Geonetric to another hospital?
Recommend Geonetric

Question: How strategically aligned is Geonetric with your hospital’s goals?
Geonetric Aligned with Hospital Goals

Even more insightful than the numbers are the comments. I heard many positive remarks, with the key themes being:

Responsiveness:  “You get stuff done quickly, a day or less.”

We hear a lot of complaints about other vendors and their lack of responsiveness. At Geonetric, we take client service seriously. From our staff of experienced project managers, to weekly status calls with clients, to a new-and-improved Client Communicator – we have the people, tools and processes in place to respond to clients’ questions and requests promptly. And that, along with our team of in-house experts, allows us to deliver some pretty amazing results in record time.

Progress: “We got a lot done this quarter.”

Looking back over the quarter, we couldn’t agree more. Our clients are constantly moving forward – just look at Adventist’s new portal, Mercy’s cool virtual site launch, CHOMP’s Web 2.0 features, Southern Regional’s many videos, and Mary Greeley’s extensive list of functionality…just to name a few! We’re proud of the great work we’re doing with all our clients.

Advice: “The intellectual experience you bring to the table is amazing.”

We pride ourselves on our brain power, and we’re always excited to share our expertise with our clients. Just check out some of the posts from our client services team who are masters of everything from Google Search to Social Media to Viral Video. Or read the ponderings of our eHealth Evangelist about industry issues like meaningful use and the direction of patient portals.

Of course, there are always some opportunities for improvement:

VS5 Calendar, especially the check handling capability

Product issues inevitably surface, and that’s why we’ve adopted Scrum, an agile development process, that allows us to push important new features through to our clients as often as every six weeks.  In fact, we’ll be rolling out the newest version of our Calendar module next week with the features our clients have requested, including an expansion of the module’s ability to record payments by check. Let us know if you’d like a product demo.

Responsiveness, mostly around product features or things that require technical intervention

We know that some of our processes require too much human intervention. Our clients’ Web teams are becoming increasingly savvy and expect to be able to do more on their own. We’ve looked closely at our processes and software, identified several tasks that unnecessarily require our technical team to intervene, and are slowly eliminating those as we open up new self-service features and train our clients on the enhanced VitalSite software.

Internal Geonetric Communication, mainly between project managers and other resources, such as developers, designers, and/or content strategists

Even in a company of 63, where our employees treat each other more like family than co-workers, internal communications can still be an occasional issue – just like with many of our clients. So, we’re expanding our intranet and implementing a new CRM system to resolve these issues. And our new popcorn machine is turning out to be the equivalent of the ubiquitous water cooler – a great place to gather and share ideas.

Always aiming for more

Even with our Overall Client Satisfaction score at its highest, we’re still aiming to improve – there’s always much more to do. That’s what makes this company and this industry so exciting.

I’ll be calling each client to get their feedback again next quarter to see if the changes we’re making resolve their concerns. And if you’re wishing the CEO at your vendor cared about your opinion, maybe you should consider switching vendors to one that does.

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