The Bing is Live!

Image of Bing, Abington Memorial Hospital's newly redesigned employee intranetIf you walk the halls of Abington Health, you may hear a physician or other employees refer to it as “The Bing.”  So when Geonetric and Abington began working on their new intranet, it was no surprise the intriguing name was quickly assigned. It just seemed to fit, even to me, someone who didn’t work there.

The name, of course, is only the tip of the iceberg for this new intranet.

The Bing showcases Geonetric’s Web-based policy and procedure manager that will help Abington’s 6,400 employees better manage and organize important documents. Other features include a unique approach to content organization and using tabs to separate organizational information from clinical information. The site also features an employee spotlight. Organizations understand the importance of employee recognition and these features add a unique ‘personal’ feeling to the site. Now that I have a teenager in the house, I compare it to ‘athlete of the week’ on the local news. I checking out the athlete of the week to see if it may be someone I’ve seen walk through my house or play against my child.

It was awesome to work with Abington on this project – especially because they truly appreciated the need that the new intranet was fixing. They acquired a new hospital in late 2008 and the old system wasn’t meeting employee needs. Plus new standalone sites were appearing to take the place of the aging intranet – and of course marketing wasn’t thrilled about that.

Abington needed a site that gave the Web team more control, and since they’d just launched their public Web site on VitalSite last year, it only made sense to build the intranet on the same platform.

The Bing is now officially up and running – and is not only poised to meet Abington’s needs today – but grow with them in the long-term. It’s been great working with their team and I can’t wait to see how it grows in the coming years.

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Jill is a list person. She not only gets endorphins from checking things off her lists, but adding things to the list as well.. This makes her the perfect person to manage and mentor Geonetric’s project management and support teams. Her goal is continuous improvement and she brings her resourcefulness and attention to detail to her role as implementation manager. Jill is always looking for ways to standardize processes and make her teams more efficient. She’s also known as the Kickoff Queen, and some of her favorite duties is meeting new clients, establishing project plans and timelines for their projects, and ensuring her team meets every major milestone.

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