Happy Scrumiversary Geonetric!

Photo of candle in the shape of the number 3 standing on a cupcakeAs our Scrum team closes the curtain on yet another Sprint (and as is the routine, we start planning for yet another sprint), our hard-working Product Owner, David Sturtz, indicated to me October 24th was Geonetric’s 3rd Scrumiversary!

I “googled” the term, Scrumiversary.  Google had no idea what I was looking for. So all the credit goes to David  if the term ever makes it into Scrum lexicon!

Three years?  Have we really been using the agile development method for that long?  I’ve been Geonetric’s “Certified Scrum Master” for nearly two years now, and in that time, our Scrum team has gone through many changes… with our team members, our product road map, even our move downstairs into our own suite.  But one thing has stayed consistent:  Scrum.

It’s really cool to think that in today’s rapidly changing technological atmosphere, we went away from the norm.  It’s not just some idea we were gung-ho on, just to revert back to what was comfortable six months later.  We’ve worked hard as a team to stay true to the basic principles of the Scrum methodology and here we are, beginning Sprint 55 today!

As an engineering team, we often get  so wrapped up in our current work  we don’t celebrate our successes.  It’s human nature to focus on all those things that need improvement.  It’s our job to get better every sprint, to be more efficient, and to improve our quality.  But today, we should take a couple of deep breaths and be proud of the progress we’ve made.  We should celebrate our transition from our old ways to implementing Scrum.  And we should celebrate the commitment we’ve made to getting better at Scrum over the last three years.  It’s been a collaborative effort that our entire company has adopted, which is  a luxury  not every Scrum team has.  The end result is that we have a lot going on and it’s not magic that keeps us all on the same page.  It’s Scrum.

So Happy Scrumiversary Geonetric!  Here’s to the last three years and to many more ahead!

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Kevin Reiter

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Kevin speaks two languages. English. And developer. As our Scrum Master he is in charge of continuously improving our development process. He is the force behind sprint planning and retrospectives and can skillfully balance when to say no and when to push for more results. And since we have the best healthcare-specific content management software on the market, he’s doing a pretty good job. When he’s not organizing cross-team collaboration, he’s thinking about fantasy football and how to apply Agile principles to his home life.

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