We Give Thanks Together

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice. ~Meister Eckhart

As I write, the green bean casserole is warming up in the crock pot and the turkey and mashed potatoes are due to arrive any moment. The dessert table is filling up. The Geonetric Lunch Lounge is ready. And we are all waiting to partake in our Thanksgiving lunch.

Thanksgiving lunch is a longstanding tradition here at Geonetric, and I look forward to picking out the turkey and preparing the office for the event each year. Taking time out of our busy workdays to have an all-company meal, such as this one, allows us to celebrate together, reflect on what we are truly thankful for and enjoy our relationships with each other.

Though the landscape of our Thanksgiving lunch changes each year, the sentiment remains the same. We are thankful to work for a company that fosters community, believes in empowering its employees, and is committed to creating a culture of extraordinary performance.

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Anne Ohrt

About Anne Ohrt

As the human resources manager, Anne welcomes every new employee to Geonetric with a smiling face and goes out of her way to make sure every employee feels at home. She is involved daily with recruiting and training employees, as well as coordinating internal communications and managing employee benefits. Anne is the mastermind behind the fun and engaging internal events and parties, and she takes a lead role in organizing the company’s annual client event, the eHealth Symposium.

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