Make Consistency in Your Online Marketing Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

Lose 10 pounds. Give more to charity. Create an integrated online marketing plan. Yes, it’s that time of year again when we make that wish list known as New Year’s resolutions. But when it comes to creating a consistent experience for your online site visitors, it can’t just be a wish.

Getting a handle on all the online tools at your disposal is overwhelming. That’s why at the beginning of the year, Geonetric released a white paper that discusses the importance of implementing a cohesive online marketing strategy – one that simultaneously addresses your myriad audiences and communications channels. We call it the eConnections Framework – a vision for integrating the Web, patient portal and social media.

That white paper proved useful while talking with hospital marketers throughout the year, especially at industry conferences. While there’s a lot of buzz about relatively new concepts like social media and patient portals, there are still many questions about basic Web functionality, allocation of resources to the various channels, and project prioritization.

Geonetric’s position has always been that you need an integrated framework to deliver a seamless user experience online. That holds true with all aspects of your Web strategy – whether you’re assessing software, creating content, or building a team.  And it’s certainly true as you begin to implement a patient portal. Your portal needs to integrate seamlessly with your website, which in turn, needs to incorporate your hospital’s activities in social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

In your facility, you want your patients to have a positive experience, whether they’re asking for directions at the front desk, telling a nurse about post-surgery pain, or requesting billing details from your accounting staff. Of course, each of those conversations will have different goals, depth of interaction, and length. Your online approach is no different. Your site visitors may have different encounters with your organization online – depending on if they’re watching your latest YouTube promotional video or researching specialists that will treat their newly-diagnosed condition. But either way, they need a consistent experience with your brand.

As new channels create new opportunities to communicate with patients and potential patients, an integrated approach is critical. If this is something you’re struggling with as you begin to assemble your 2011 integrated marketing plan, I encourage you to download our white paper, along with other resources on our website.

Here’s to an integrated New Year!

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Don’t let Linda’s green belt in Lean Six Sigma or master’s degree in marketing and finance from Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management intimidate you. This driven marketing executive brings her high standards for quality to every marketing campaign and branding initiative she manages. But she’s also a people person and values creativity. It’s this unique combination that makes her the perfect person to manage Geonetric’s business development efforts, pushing her team to find new ways to tell Geonetric’s story while still remaining focused on results. With more than 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, sales, strategic planning, and project management, Linda knows a thing or two about developing and executing integrated marketing strategies. Between traveling the country sharing Geonetric’s vision and approving marketing campaign ideas, Linda can be found assembling care packages for her two away-at-college sons and finding new and inventive ways to remodel their old rooms. Tea in the sitting room, anyone?

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