All Systems Go

For too many employees, needed vacations are put on hold due to overwhelming to-do lists. Not so at Geonetric. We not only encourage our employees to take vacations, we allow our employees to take a sabbatical – an extra week of paid leave – every two years. Why do we do this? Because our employees come back refreshed and full of new ideas.

We’ve also spent the last few years creating processes that are so efficient, they allow critical people to leave without disrupting the rest of the team. And our processes work. Just ask our product owner, David Sturtz. But you’ll have to wait till next week – he’s on sabbatical in Hawaii.

While David is away, the company is humming along, with the product development team hard at work planning for a major release next month. (We’re saving the big announcement for David to deliver himself in next month’s update.)

So the long story short is there is no product update this month, unless you count this picture David emailed along with a subject line that reads “Aloha!”

Don’t worry about anything back here on the mainland, David. All systems are go.

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Tracy Trettin

About Tracy Trettin

Tracy develops and executes Geonetric’s marketing communication strategy and manages the creation of collateral and sales tools. Tracy brings more than ten years of experience to Geonetric, including experience developing integrated marketing strategies and plans to enhance brand awareness, improve market positioning and increase sales. Most recently, Tracy served as director of marketing and communications for NSCA, a national trade organization. Prior to NSCA, Tracy held the position of marketing manager at Stamats, a national higher education marketing firm.

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