Addressing the Online Strategy Concerns of Healthcare Leaders

Our VP and eHealth Evangelist Ben Dillon spent the last year speaking with hospital leaders across the country to learn about their online strategies. As I was reading the white paper on these conversations, I couldn’t help but notice many of the issues eHealth professionals are facing can be helped by VitalSite, our content management solution. Here’s a look at how VitalSite addresses the top themes from Ben’s discussions:

  1. Choosing a content management system (CMS). Ben mentions the trick to selecting a CMS is balancing sophistication and capabilities with ease of use and vendor support. We recently launched VitalSite 6, but surprisingly it isn’t the third or even fourth update to our platform since VitalSite 5. We’ve deployed more than 20 value-packed, incremental releases in the last three years! We’re continually adding new capabilities, making the solution more powerful and ensuring it remains easy to use. And we aren’t stopping there. The next set of enhancements rolls out in only a couple of months.
  2. Implementing the right functionality. Functionality is one of the best ways to build relationships with Web visitors and turn them into patients. That’s exactly why our platform offers the most valuable healthcare website functionality. From provider directories to bill payment capabilities to a very sophisticated calendar and events registration system, VitalSite has the tools needed to engage site visitors.
  3. Rethinking Web strategy. For many eHealth professionals, developing a Web strategy is difficult because of the time it takes to figure out how to align website efforts with broader organizational goals. We built VitalSite to make it easier for you to manage your website, patient portal and intranet, so you can remain focused on developing strategy instead of building functionality.
  4. Dealing with resource issues. According to Ben, no single issue was raised as often as the need for more aggressive investments in staff and budget. VitalSite’s workflow intrinsically allows website administrators to share the workload. In VitalSite 6, we’ve made it even easier to share website administration responsibilities, while maintaining consistency.
  5. Improving search engine optimization. It doesn’t matter how fantastic your site is if it can’t be found. Finding new ways to improve search engine optimization is a focus of every VitalSite release. In VitalSite 6, we put important SEO controls at your fingertips, bringing key metadata to the forefront and making already friendly URLs even more search engine friendly.
  6. Developing intuitive information architecture. No matter how flashy the design, users need to find what they want quickly or they’ll leave the site. VitalSite’s robust taxonomy system, sophisticated FlexFilter, and dynamic SmartPanels are an information architect’s dream. VitalSite 6 includes even deeper taxonomy integration, and new SmartPanels provide even more flexibility for breaking down content silos.
  7. Understanding social media. Incorporating social media should be part of your overall marketing strategy. Using VitalSite, we can easily drive traffic to your social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook and even blogs.
  8. Tackling patient portals. With goals to meet meaningful use and an interest in creating personalized patient experiences, many organizations are beginning to implement patient portals. One of the greatest things about VitalSite 6 is that all of our clients – from the smallest community hospital, to the most complicated integrated delivery network – have the ability to launch a patient portal that is fully-integrated with their website without the pain of migrating their existing content and functionality to a new platform. When they’re ready, we’re ready.

My daily focus at Geonetric is to ensure we offer solutions aimed squarely at the current concerns of eHealth professionals. As we launch the most advanced version of our software to date, I’m thrilled to see the close alignment we’ve achieved with the current and future needs of the industry.

Download Ben’s Candid Conversations white paper to learn more about his conversations with healthcare leaders, or visit to learn more about VitalSite.

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David uses his deep background in design, content strategy and product development to bring vision and innovation to Geonetric’s digital marketing and content practices. He has tackled healthcare digital marketing challenges from all sides, from designing user-friendly information architectures to building content management software that runs websites for hundreds of healthcare brands. He holds a master’s degree in library and information science from Drexel University and a bachelor’s degree in design from the University of Northern Iowa.

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