Putting Success in a Successful Site Launch

In March, we launched four successful new client sites. And although four launches in one month is impressive, we’re much more focused on the successful part of that sentence. Why? Because we believe a website, intranet or patient portal is only as good as the results it delivers.

We help our clients see the results of their efforts immediately. Not only do they hear the rave reviews and compliments from their own site visitors, we also provide them with a post-launch report detailing statistics on their key success measurements.

Here’s a look at our recent launches and some of the stats we’ve seen:

  • MidMichigan Health started the month with the launch of its new website and “MyMidMichigan” patient portal. Within two weeks of launching, MidMichigan noticed an improvement in key site traffic measurements: visitors are spending more time on the site and the pages are relevant to visitors measured by a low bounce rate.
  • Mid-month, Overlake Hospital Medical Center unveiled its new website and “My Overlake” portal, and also became the first hospital to launch a mobile site in the greater Seattle area! The new site generated 478 total portal users in a month and the first portal users signed up within an hour of launch. And after just four weeks, Overlake’s visits were up by 28%, a total of $93,201.41 was collected in online bill payments (a new feature for Overlake), and again, pages are relevant to visitors measured by a low bounce rate of 27%.
  • In the last week of March, Pella Regional Health Center launched its new website to strengthen its regional brand. The site offers many enhanced features, including new online bill payment functionality. According to the first month stats, visitors are spending 72% more time on the site and bounce rate decreased to 25%.
  • And finally, Lubbock Heart Hospital debuted its website the day after Pella, following an impressively fast three-month implementation. After site launch, Lubbock’s site visits increased 67%, visitors are spending 67% more time on the site and search traffic from Google improved by 181%.

Of course, numbers alone don’t tell the whole story. We dig into the numbers to help interpret the data, benchmark the results against industry norms, and make suggestions for next steps. So our clients understand when an increase in time spent on the site or pageviews is good, what an acceptable bounce rate is given the goal of the page, and when it’s time to build a mobile site or launch a search engine marketing campaign.

And the reporting doesn’t stop after the first month. We continue to track key success measurements and deliver quarterly reports to our clients’ stakeholders – so everyone on the team can see how the Web is impacting organizational goals.

When you’re selecting an online solutions provider, it’s important to consider both the sophistication of the product as well as the level of service provided. At Geonetric, we focus on building the most powerful software solution on the market and backing that up with a support team dedicated to ensuring you launch a site that meets your goals not just on the day you launch, but every day after.

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