Secure Communication with Extranets

Websites often focus on building relationships and broadcasting messages to a large, public audience. However, they can also become a very powerful tool for communicating with small, focused groups, like a board of directors, physicians, or business partners. Creating an extranet – a secure area of your site or separate site – allows you to share protected information and collaborate with your most important external audiences.

Extranets are similar to intranets but instead of targeting internal audiences, such as employees, they focus on audiences that operate outside the walls of your organization. Extranets require users to enter a username and password to access information – keeping the information secure. You can use an extranet to share items like important documents, agendas and meeting notes, educational materials and contact information. Information on the extranet is easier to keep updated and ensures everyone has the most current information. Users are able to easily access the information whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them, and they may also communicate with other members securely through the site.

And as an added bonus, extranets save time and money. Geonetric client Southern Regional Medical Center has been using VitalSite to manage communications with their Board of Directors and estimates they save more than $3,700 per month in printing and courier fees!  Extranets eliminate the hassle of having to create and distribute printed documents every time a change is made.

Geonetric’s VitalSite content management solution makes it easy to create an extranet on your website. In just a couple of minutes and with a few clicks, you can create individual accounts and allow visitors to sign in and access only the pages and files you want them to see. Content anywhere on your site can be secured for your extranet. And you can use our SmartPanel technology to link pages and content on the site. Maintaining the content is easy too – if you can point and click, you maintain an extranet using VitalSite.

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