What You Can Learn from Cyber Monday

If the growing popularity of Cyber Monday has taught us anything, it’s that people like to shop from their homes. So it’s no surprise site visitors expect healthcare organizations to offer eCommerce functionality – especially after interacting with sites like Amazon. With the holiday season upon us, it’s a great time to review some of the eCommerce features our VitalSite content management solution offers.

Online Transactions
eCommerce functionality ensures your Web initiatives drive revenue and deliver value. VitalSite offers a number of transactional features such as bill payment and donations. These features are great – but if you can’t provide your management team with real-time reports, how can you prove their value? That’s why VitalSite also includes support for Google Analytics’ eCommerce tracking. This allows you to track transactions, get metrics and identify your best revenue sources.

Let’s look at the example above. Using VitalSite and Google Analytics, this hospital is able to review the eCommerce report for a certain month and glean valuable information, such as:

  • One percent of site visits include a transaction
  • This resulted in almost $200,000 of revenue collected through the site in the month of November

With a few clicks, you can discover that mobile visitors spent about $4,000 on the site in November, or learn that “[hospital name] birthing classes” is among the top search engine queries that lead to a transaction. Other reports show how revenue is broken out across online bill payments, donations, event registrations, and other purchases. This allows site administrators to connect real dollars to campaigns, calls to action, and various traffic sources that bring visitors to their site.

Calendar Shopping Cart
VitalSite’s Calendar and Event Registration features have been constantly evolving, making the experience of registering for an event feel like any other modern eCommerce purchase.

The recent release of VitalSite 6.2 introduces a new shopping cart for online event registration. The new cart makes it easy for registrants to sign up and pay for several events at once. You can also promote events related to those in the registrant’s cart. And you can create custom event registration forms and select different payment gateways and options for each event.

Take Your Transactions To the Next Level
Meeting your visitors’ online expectations is essential – as is ensuring your eCommerce features deliver value to your organization. Geonetric works hard to ensure VitalSite offers the features your visitors need – and incorporates data that allows you to make sound decisions.

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