Best of the Best 2011

Month after month, Geonetric shares expertise in eHealth hot topics through free educational webinars, the eNewsletter and on Twitter. As 2011 comes to a close, we were curious to see which topics stood out as the most influential of the year. So here you have it, our top five webinars, eHealth articles and Tweets of 2011.

Geonetric’s top five webinars of 2011

  1. More than Bullets: Creating a Content Strategy
  2. The Role of the Web in Wellness Promotion
  3. Marketing Wellness Initiatives: A Roundtable
  4. Use the Web to Empower Employees
  5. Tools and Technology That Will Change the Face of Wellness

Geonetric’s top five articles of 2011

  1. When to Use a Microsite vs. a Landing Page
  2. Applying Gamification to Wellness
  3. Just Because Your Organization is Complex Doesn’t Mean Your Website Should Be
  4. Wellness and Health Promotion with VitalSite
  5. Pretty Aint Good Enough

Geonetric’s top five Tweets of 2011

  1. You can feel the excitement in the air. VitalSite 6, the next generation of our CMS platform, is released today!
  2. Congrats @GenesisHCS on your new website and mobile site! More great things to come!
  3. What does influence really mean in a Web 2.0 world? #hcsm
  4. Geonetric aligns with leading Iowa companies to implement Lean culture and drive process improvement:
  5. When I’m wrong I’m really wrong… and here comes Google+

You can view our articles, white papers, webinars and more in our eHealth resource center.

Looking forward to 2012, we can’t wait to share more resources on timely eHealth topics with you. To get started you can view our upcoming webinars on how to bring more consistency to your offline and online initiatives.

Happy New Year from Geonetric!

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AdWords Certified Professional. Social media expert (@nverhey). Market researcher. Nicole wears many hats in her role as digital marketing strategist. A valuable support person for the business development team, she is always ready to bring new ideas to the table and lends her expertise in emerging media to marketing campaigns. She also coordinates Geonetric’s social media accounts, webinars, and tradeshow events. Nicole received her BA in English from the University of Iowa with a minor in business administration. She is a three-time American Advertising Award winner and a devoted volunteer for Dance Marathon and Operation Overnight.

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