Crozer-Keystone Kidney Transplant Center Microsite Launches

With the addition of a kidney transplant program, Crozer-Keystone Health System was looking to increase the visibility of the program, educate patients, and once again create a truly distinct site while still maintaining the integrity of their strong brand. Through a partnership with Geonetric, Crozer-Keystone Health System launched an intuitive, unique and fully-integrated Web presence with the Crozer-Keystone Kidney Transplant Center microsite.

The intuitive architecture allows visitors to enter the site at any point and easily find information based on their situation. In addition to showcasing the technology and sophistication the market has come to expect from Crozer-Keystone, this unique design remains true to the branding guidelines established on their main website thanks to the collaboration of the Crozer-Keystone marketing and Web teams, kidney transplant team, and the Geonetric design team.

But we didn’t stop there. Knowing the value that collaboration plays, we wanted to provide a channel to safely and securely communicate critical and highly sensitive information among medical staff in a timely manner. So we developed a secure discussion board that physicians can access directly from the public-facing website. This allows authorized users to access the site from anywhere.

Congratulations Crozer-Keystone and the kidney transplant team for a job well done!


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Bryan is all about relationships. His past experience at the American Cancer Society taught him firsthand the power of people helping people. It also taught him how to work closely with boards of directors and other hospital senior leadership to get project buy-in. As an Account Manager at Geonetric, Bryan shares his passion for relationship building with healthcare executives by showcasing how technology can connect patients with their care providers. Bryan holds a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies from Ambassador University in Big Sandy, TX and in his spare time builds relationships on the court as a basketball coach for second and third graders. This father of three young daughters considers himself a man among women – even his dog is a girl!

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