To Blog or Not to Blog?

It’s a bit ironic to write that question as the headline of a blog post… you can probably guess the answer is: Blog! But for healthcare marketers it’s not just a question of should we be blogging – but how?

In his latest article Using Blogs to Build Relationships Geonetric’s own Ben Dillon sheds light on this timely topic. Published in the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development’s (SHSMD) member newsletter, Spectrum, Ben’s article explains why so many healthcare marketers are reaching out to their audiences through blogs – and more importantly, how to develop a strategy that will ensure your blog delivers value.

The article provides numerous examples of organizations that are using blogs and succeeding – from Owensboro Medical Health System’s Beyond Five Percent blog to Overlake Hospital Medical Center’s cardiac blog – so you can see firsthand how others have engaged their readers.

When it comes to blogging, it’s tempting to jump right in. The best blogs may feel spontaneous, but the truth is few blogs actually are. Check out this article and learn what steps you can take now to ensure future blogging success.

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