Work Smart, Live Smart

Work smart, live smart…that’s how we roll here at Geonetric. This year, we have a company-wide focus on wellness aimed at keeping us healthy and happy so we can continue producing great work each day. Our year-long wellness plan includes events focused on fitness, food and fun. This month, we kick boxed our way to healthier living and had a competitive 300 calorie cook-off.

Several of our employees are diehards at Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping – including our CEO Eric. Heck, a bunch of us have even become trainers so we’re kind of taking over the whole joint! There’s been a lot of curiosity about the program – especially after so many Geonetric employees lost weight and got in the best shape of their lives.

So, Farrell’s agreed to give Geonetric employees a private session, educating us on nutrition, kickboxing and resistance bands training. No one wanted to miss a chance to see Eric doing pushups and punching the bag! I mean, how often do you get to see your CEO take a beating? Picture this: “Drop and give me ten Mr. President!” But more importantly, everyone learned a lot about the program and how being healthy doesn’t have to be “extreme,” despite the program’s name!

We also participated in a friendly inter-office cooking competition. Well, if you call blow up Mardi Gras jesters and leis friendly… Each department submitted a theme, a recipe and prepared one dish that had fewer than 300 calories. Employees sampled each dish and voted on a winner. Employees even dressed the part (coconut bras and grass skirts on the sales team?!) Eric  won with his Southwestern Shrimp submission! He said, “I don’t need decorations to make my food taste good,” and I guess he was right. But really, we were all winners. Not only because we work at Geonetric, but because teams shared their healthy recipes with the company, and we all had a little fun! But like I said, that’s how we roll here at Geonetric!

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Kristen Marion

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It’s not just Kristen’s strong attention to detail and communication skills that make her the perfect project manager, although these traits do make clients adore her. It’s also her extensive background in market research and consulting. She understands how to look at the big picture and make educated recommendations on how to best address a situation. Kristen received her bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in market research from the University of Northern Iowa. When she’s not supporting her clients, Kristen can be found instructing kickboxing, supporting her favorite sports teams and providing comic relief to her coworkers in the form of funny videos of her daughter.

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