New Genesis Healthcare System Intranet Empowers Employees

So you’re considering turning your intranet into a lean, mean communication machine? Well, we have good news! It can be done. Genesis Healthcare System recently worked with Geonetric to overhaul their intranet, aptly called iGenesis. (This is in addition to the website we recently launched for the organization.)

With consistency being a big focus, it was important for the intranet design and information architecture to coordinate with Genesis’ new public facing site. So, many of the same design elements on their website are shared throughout iGenesis as well.

We included our Policies & Procedure Manager software as part of the build. Like many healthcare intranets, over the years iGenesis had become a central repository of information, housing numerous outdated documents and broken links. The goal was to create a centralized location where human resources could not only house current and up-to-date policies, but also quickly communicate changes via the intranet to employees.

The new content structure and organization enables users to efficiently find searchable content. Users can search by using an internal search or find what they are looking for in just one to two clicks. For example, a nurse looking for the most recent policy on Insulin: Continuous IV Administration can navigate directly to this policy in a few clicks or search directly by typing out a few keywords in the main navigation.

Congratulations to Genesis Healthcare System on yet another launch that empowers employees!

Now, what’s on the menu for lunch today?

Image of Genesis Healthcare System's hospital intranet

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