Winning the Content Battle with Strategy

Do you know the stages of the ever-evolving Web content lifecycle? How about what makes your online content effective? To be successful in today’s online world, website managers need to approach content strategically. They need to know who their content is targeting and how to stay consistent across both online and offline media channels.

In the March 2012 edition of Healthcare Marketing Report, Geonetric’s Ben Dillon explains not only what content strategy is, but also why it is so important to healthcare marketers. Ready to learn more? Read Ben’s article, “Winning the Content Battle with Strategy.”

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Nicole Knoll

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AdWords Certified Professional. Social media expert (@nverhey). Market researcher. Nicole wears many hats in her role as digital marketing strategist. A valuable support person for the business development team, she is always ready to bring new ideas to the table and lends her expertise in emerging media to marketing campaigns. She also coordinates Geonetric’s social media accounts, webinars, and tradeshow events. Nicole received her BA in English from the University of Iowa with a minor in business administration. She is a three-time American Advertising Award winner and a devoted volunteer for Dance Marathon and Operation Overnight.

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