Are All Your Eggs in Google’s Basket?

DuckDuckGo. Blekko. Bing.

You’ve probably heard of that last search engine, but what about the first two? It may be time to start paying attention to some of the new competitors in the search market.

Google has long been the go-to resource for most searchers. It’s even a verb for most of us. But with their recent privacy policy changes and latest shifts in strategy (social search, etc.), many searchers are losing trust in the search giant. They are venturing elsewhere for their search results and that may mean some different SEO tactics.

Where Are They Going?

Blekko, a search engine that prides itself on results that aren’t spammy and don’t hold any sort of search bias, saw an increase in unique visitors of 337% this past year.

DuckDuckGo, a search engine that holds your privacy to the highest standard and provides a clean, simple interface received 1 million search queries back in February.

Of course, Bing continues to grow (slowly, but surely). Granted, most of this growth is attributed to IE9 and users who don’t change their default search engine.

These growth spurts are becoming less easy to ignore.

What Does This Mean For Your SEO Efforts?

Google is still far-and-away the leader in search, but it’s time to start thinking about other search engines in the mix.

Keep focusing on developing solid content and basic SEO guidelines. Since these other search engines are lesser-known, best practices are still being worked out across the search industry. But it is safe to assume the usual SEO tactics remain effective.

Ultimately, this shift means we may see some serious challenges to Google in the coming year. Will they succeed? Time will tell.

Give some of the other search engines a test run the next time you need to find information. How do the results compare to Google? Does your own site perform well on the other search engines?

You might just find a new default search engine in the process.

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