The Symposium High

The anticipation for Geonetric’s annual eHealth Symposium felt a little like waiting for Christmas as a kid. As an account manager I get to interact with our clients daily, and usually that interaction takes place over the phone. I was excited to meet our amazing clients in person and most importantly introduce them to the large support team we have at Geonetric! I get to experience the great work of our designers, content writers, strategists and brains behind our software and portal products every day and couldn’t wait for our clients to experience the same!

My client conversations typically focus on project goals and status updates, and therefore leave little time to catch up on weekend plans and kid updates. Symposium allowed for Web strategy conversations, idea sharing amongst clients and the opportunity to catch up on their lives outside of work.

In the end, Symposium was everything I had anticipated it would be. The fun continues as we sort through the idea list with our clients and work through planning and budgeting to put many new ideas into full motion. There is nothing better than an idea that turns into results!

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Kendra Rice

About Kendra Rice

Kendra’s been there. She’s created strategic marketing plans for 20 different hospital service lines. She’s implemented social media tactics, produced live surgical webcasts, and promoted a virtual ER tour. She’s managed two separate hospital website redesigns – and lived to tell about it! That’s what makes Kendra such a valuable resource for healthcare marketers and why they turn to her for guidance when implementing online initiatives. Kendra’s experience as a senior marketing consultant at a 500-bed community hospital also makes her love for Geonetric that much more sincere. She’s worked with other vendors and truly understands the value we bring to the table. Kendra holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations from the University of Northern Iowa and is an active volunteer with the American Diabetes Association. Always on the move, Kendra enjoys golfing, running marathons and chasing after her two young sons. Just ask her how many times she’s read Where the Wild Things Are.

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