Caring for Our Clients’ Clients

It’s no coincidence that many of us at Geonetric choose to work for a company that serves the healthcare market. Sure, we could do Web work in finance, energy, manufacturing or a number of other worthy industries. But the truth is, a lot of us are passionate not only about Geonetric’s mission, but also about the mission of our clients – bringing healing and hope to people of all ages.

I’ve been on the receiving end of this important work, most notably as the mother of a severely premature baby. Four months in the NICU provides perspective about what patients and their families need from hospitals. For me, it was information – anything that could help me understand procedures, find support and connect with specialists. Our clients’ websites are often the vital source of this information. When my team writes Web content, we never lose sight of the person on the other side of the screen and how helpful our words may be to each of them.

Our focus on our clients’ patients doesn’t stop there. At Geonetric, we’re committed to community service – and what better way to serve than to reach out to our hospital communities?

Several years ago, we launched GeoNeos, a group of employees who volunteer their time to create hats, booties and blankets for babies born at client hospitals. We’ve made everything from whisper-soft hats for the tiniest infants to camouflage caps for babies bound for adventure.

We’ve sent over 400 items to client hospitals around the country over the past three years. Our GeoNeos team likes to picture the reaction of parents presented with a striped beanie or cozy blanket for their new little one. In truth, our creations are more for the parents than the babies, a way of offering hope for a newborn who will come home, grow into a healthy child and live a full and happy life.  I still have the hats my daughter wore in the NICU. Although at 22, her taste runs more toward hipster berets.

Which is just what I hoped for.

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Michelle LeCompte

About Michelle LeCompte

Michelle has the ability to step back and see the big picture. And for someone who manages a team full of creative energy, this is an invaluable trait. As the director of our award-winning designers and expert content strategists, Michelle ensures that our work on behalf of clients is strategically focused on optimizing Web interactions to achieve business objectives. Her team helps clients reach key audiences, measure the success of Web initiatives, and stay on top of best practices and industry trends.

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