Out with the Old, In with the New: Rutland Regional Medical Center Launches New Site!

The marketing team at Rutland Regional Medical Center, in partnership with Geonetric, decided it was time for a fresh start on their website. But we didn’t stop at doing just a few touch-ups; we rolled up our sleeves and did a total overhaul! Not only did we jump in with a total redesign, we completely scrapped the content of the old website and started from scratch.

Previously, the Rutland Regional team was frustrated that they couldn’t make their own changes, so they are thrilled with the flexibility and control they now have with VitalSite. “You mean I can change that myself?” Yep, all the power to maintain your website right at your fingertips!

And while the design of the site took on a fresh look and feel, the Rutland Regional team and Geonetric went the extra mile with the imagery. This team launched the Rutland Regional website without a single piece of stock photography. That is a big accomplishment no matter what size your website is!

High-five to the Rutland Regional team on their beautiful new website! All the hard work is worth it when you get results like this, so out with the old and in with the new!

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Andrea Joyner

About Andrea Joyner

A born networker, Andrea left the surveys and spreadsheets of her market research career for the opportunity to work with healthcare organizations and provide strategic direction for their online initiatives. She’s worked with heavy hitters including Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cleveland Clinic, so she understands how to help our clients reach across departmental boundaries and gain buy-in for Web initiatives. An advocate of measurement, she leverages her research skills to create competitive benchmarks for our clients, ensuring they continue to be leaders in the eHealth space. Andrea holds a BA in English with a minor business from Mt. Mercy College. When she’s not building bridges for clients, she’s building them at Geonetric by organizing company sports teams and fundraisers.

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