Transforming Meaningful Use Check Boxes into Differentiators for Your Hospital

There are a lot of reasons hospitals are embracing patient portals. And Stage 2 of Meaningful Use (MU), particularly the rule requiring hospitals to provide more than one-half of inpatient or emergency department patients with the ability to access admission information within 36 hours of discharge, is a certainly right up there.

But patient portals offer more benefits than just checking a box on a MU requirement.

That’s the focus of an article published in For the Record, the bi-weekly publication for the Health Information Management Association.  Experts – including our own Ben Dillon – weigh in on the issue of effectively using patient portals to help patients take a more active role in managing their own healthcare.

The article, Patient Portals: A Window to Information details why portals appeal to patients and discusses how hospitals can market the availability of a portal, transforming MU requirements into a selling point.

Check out the article to learn more!

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