Five Things to Celebrate in Company Meetings

At Geonetric, we have had all-hands company meetings every month for about 10 years. These meetings are a linchpin in reinforcing our award-winning Geonetric culture. The constant, rapid change of our company and the open, transparent culture we have makes it almost impossible to not hold them.

Meetings that pull together 70+ employees for an hour (or more) to hear the CEO drone on for awhile cost a lot and takes people away from directly productive work. But they’re worth it to us, because celebration is a key aspect of our culture.

At every meeting we have the opportunity to celebrate in five ways:

  • We celebrate our clients’ incredible successes. Our company meetings showcase the latest site go-lives, show off major projects that we recently completed, and talk about what exciting things clients are doing with Geonetric. We truly are blessed to have smart, innovative clients with great ideas. This is our chance to showcase how, together, we turn those ideas into reality.
  • We celebrate our clients’ results. We’re here to do revolutionary work for our clients – and that work only matters when our clients are successful. We happen to have the ability to see across all of our clients’ efforts and the results of our collaborations in aggregate. We’ve started tracking the total impact we’ve had for our clients – an astounding $275 million in total downstream revenue for them as of June 2012 – and we’re excited to watch our impact grow.
  • We celebrate our teams’ successes. Not everything we do is as high profile as a new site launch or a million-dollar client savings. The “behind the scenes” projects are just as critical to Geonetric’s (and our clients’!) success. Sometimes it’s celebrating a new process improvement. Sometimes it’s celebrating a new idea that was implemented.
  • We celebrate each other. Geonetric’s culture puts a lot of emphasis on peers providing feedback to each other. When was the last time a coworker told you that they appreciate something you did, publicly? Our company meetings give team members the chance to “kudo” a peer (yes, with a Kudos bar) by telling everyone how they live the Geonetric values, and do revolutionary work for our clients. We go through about 40-50 Kudos bars at every meeting!
  • We celebrate particularly notable efforts. One team member is publicly acknowledged as being “Spot On” in exemplifying Geonetric values, and gets recognized by proudly displaying Spot, our stuffed dog mascot, on his/her desk for the month.

That’s a lot of celebration – and that’s kind of the point! In my experience, most companies don’t have cultures where the people, clients, and work are celebrated regularly. Celebration is just quietly assumed – and people start to feel like they’re taken for granted.

At Geonetric, we make it a monthly centerpiece of everything we do – everyone in the company, sharing in our successes, together in one room at one time. Celebration by conference call just doesn’t quite have the same feel to it.

If this sounds like the kind of company where you’d want to grow – and be celebrated! – we’ve got open positions listed on our website with new openings added regularly. We added 23 awesome people to our team in the last year, maybe you can be the 24th!

Or, if you’re looking for an eHealth partner that thinks a bit differently, you’ve come to the right place. Our company’s culture pushes our experts to think outside of the confines of typical eHealth strategies. Contact us today for some examples.

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