It’s OK to Have Fun at Work

I am not a mathematician by any means, but I have figured out a very valuable formula with our employees here at Geonetric. We have tested and retested it in many iterations and find that it “equates” to success each time.

Fun during the work day = Happy Employees

Engaged Employees = Happy Clients

An atypical equation you may say, but at Geonetric we believe that fun is a core ingredient in our culture. We frequently make a point of intentionally stopping the day-to-day work to not work. Notice I said we intentionally stop work during the work day.

Geonetric events are not planned by stuffy human resources people locked in an office, but are instead collaboratively designed by our team to encourage and promote creativity. Our planners know that event timing doesn’t always work for everyone all of the time, so “fun” is completely voluntary. If someone has a tight deadline or needs to take care of a client they can choose not to participate, but we strongly encourage 100% involvement.

And we know that what is fun to one person isn’t fun to another. So that’s why we create lots of different types of activities through the year. Just last week we had a good old fashioned tug of war and relay race. But that’s not for everyone. Maybe the annual chili cook-off will appeal to them. Or perhaps they’d prefer the semi-annual H.O.R.S.E. basketball tournament or the Halloween pumpkin carving contest. We work hard to make our events are as unique as our employees!

We’ve also learned that devoted fun time allows our entire team to get to know each other. And our team has no problem coming up with some crazy ideas that definitely foster healthy competition and build team morale.

So why have fun at all? One might argue that taking time for fun takes valuable time away from productive work hours. To insert a cliché – Geonetric believes that if we play hard then we can work harder. If our equation continues to prove true then fun is a motivator to encourage our employees to deliver the best work to our clients that they can.

Do you want to have fun at work? Check out current positions that are open and join our team!

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Anne Ohrt

About Anne Ohrt

As the human resources manager, Anne welcomes every new employee to Geonetric with a smiling face and goes out of her way to make sure every employee feels at home. She is involved daily with recruiting and training employees, as well as coordinating internal communications and managing employee benefits. Anne is the mastermind behind the fun and engaging internal events and parties, and she takes a lead role in organizing the company’s annual client event, the eHealth Symposium.

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