Team Geonetric Reporting for Duty!

Last weekend, ten members of the Geonetric team got down and dirty by participating in the first annual Squaw Creek Army Challenge. If you know Geonetric, you know how we always like to push the limits – and this was no exception. The Army Challenge was a three (but it felt like ten!) mile obstacle course that tested our endurance and strength – complete with hauling sandbags, a swim through ice water, and plenty of crawling through mud. We definitely take our company wellness initiatives seriously here at Geonetric! Developers, project managers, contract writers, and CEOs alike were pushed to the max.

Our team even had some great results; finishing in the top 25% of teams! Leave it to us to take our passion, affinity for fun, and a little bit of craziness with us outside the workplace (we may have brought some leftover mud in to work with us on Monday as well). After not only surviving the challenge but excelling at it I can’t help but to think… what can we accomplish next?!

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Kristen Marion

About Kristen Marion

It’s not just Kristen’s strong attention to detail and communication skills that make her the perfect project manager, although these traits do make clients adore her. It’s also her extensive background in market research and consulting. She understands how to look at the big picture and make educated recommendations on how to best address a situation. Kristen received her bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in market research from the University of Northern Iowa. When she’s not supporting her clients, Kristen can be found instructing kickboxing, supporting her favorite sports teams and providing comic relief to her coworkers in the form of funny videos of her daughter.

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