We’re a Bit Obsessed with Feedback: Client Satisfaction Q2 2012

We’ve been having a great year at Geonetric and we’re making huge strides in a number of areas. One thing we hold constant is our focus on client satisfaction. In fact, though we’ve consistently surveyed clients every quarter for about five years, we recently updated our mission statement to include “To ‘Wow!’ our clients.” So as you can imagine, we don’t just strive for average. Mediocre survey results simply won’t do.

We share the compiled results every quarter with our entire team. We pat each other on the back for successes and talk candidly about opportunities for improvement. We also share the results with our clients – especially in instances where we changed a process or enhanced a feature due to their direct feedback.

We don’t always post the scores publicly. But every once in a while something interesting comes out of the survey that makes me think… this is blog worthy. This is one of those times.

Overall Score

The primary measure we watch is the overall satisfaction score. This quarter’s overall average client satisfaction improved slightly over last quarter, with score of 5.06, up from 5.00 in Q1. This is on a scale of 1.0-6.0, and our goal is to be at 5.0 or better – intentionally a difficult measure to achieve. For example, we need to be getting a bunch of 6.0s – perfect scores – to keep ahead of our 5.0 mark in the event any individual client ranks us less than 5.0.

In short, the Geonetric team has been working exceptionally hard this year to ‘Wow!’ clients, and the scores reflect that, overall, we’re doing very well by our clients.

Areas Where We Excelled

In addition to the overall scores, we ask clients for their ratings in 11 other categories. The highest areas of satisfaction were with the relationships they have with individuals – the Project Managers (5.22) and Account Managers (5.15). It’s not surprising that we scored highest here, since we focus tremendous energy on the depth of the relationships we have with clients. Some of the ways we do that include:

  • Weekly or biweekly status calls with almost every single client to keep projects flowing smoothly.
  • Clients generally keep the same Project Manager and Account Manager before and after launch – in many cases for years at a time. Clients don’t get passed off to a help desk. Ever.
  • Quarterly calls to evaluate performance, track ROI, and benchmark against peer groups.

For our clients who have come over from competitors, where they often haven’t talked to anyone except the help desk for months or years, the depth of these relationships is a shocking change!

Here are some actual comments from our amazing clients:

  • “My experience with account and project management is always superb.”
  • “You have excellent, hard-working employees, an ace of a system in VitalSite, excellent account and project management, amazing follow up and support and you are all so nice!”
  • “My team is extremely pleased with how things went [with the new site launch]. I am pleased with the overall relationship, the attention to detail, and the on-time delivery of a great new site.”
  • “I think, overall, very highly of Geonetric’s people, processes and technology and recommend them to others.”

Areas to Focus On

Still, as always, the survey illuminates areas we need to work on. The lowest category – with a respectable-but-not-good-enough 4.54 out of 6.0 score – was for software upgrades and deployments.

As we’ve grown, we’ve kept up our pace of upgrades at about every 90 days, with patches in between. We deploy across every single client every few weeks: that’s hundreds of deployments every quarter! The past six months or so have been challenging because the process still has several manual steps, and a tendency to introduce errors. On average, we’ve been having minor issues with about 4-6% of the deployments – far too high for us to be comfortable with. So it isn’t exactly surprising that this is the lowest scoring area.

Perhaps the good news is that we knew this area was a weakness and the next product release this fall is a culmination of an entire set of changes in the way we build the software. We’ve been working especially hard on revamping the upgrade and deployment process, to make it faster, entirely automated, far more reliable, and ultimately, error-proof.

In other words, the survey identified an area we need to work on, and we’re already on it! I’d like to think that reflects that fact that we’re in touch with our clients’ needs even before we survey them.

Feedback Matters

At Geonetric, we’re a bit obsessed with feedback. We ask for it in surveys like these every quarter. We ask for feedback directly in the product itself. We ask for feedback after almost every client onsite meeting. The feedback we get, good or bad, helps drive us forward, to improve consistently, and learn as we grow. How else could we Wow our clients if we couldn’t get candid feedback from them?

Does your eHealth partner ask for your feedback? Have you even talked to them recently? Would they post that feedback publicly on a blog? Do they do anything with the feedback you do provide? If not, and you’d like to experience this type of trusted, collaborative relationship, contact us.

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