Value-Based Service: Not Just another Client-Facing Business Model

On day two of the SHSMD Annual Conference, Ari Fleischer spoke about his experiences as the former White House Press Secretary for George W. Bush.  Ari’s compelling comments reinforced my belief in an action-based commitment model to serve our clients. Understanding that each client shares a different expectation for how their level of service is fulfilled.

Now I know the very mention of Ari Fleischer automatically triggers opinions of our own political beliefs. Understandable. However, I am not here to debate politics. So please take off your political glasses for a moment as we explore a few of the many powerful examples of service-based efforts.

Take for instance a recent conversation I overheard in our booth (808) where Toni Donina of Baldwin Publishing  graciously offered a guest who was accompanying her, this statement ‘… and Geonetric is one of the 4-5 players in this space whose clients actually like them.’ Talk about a powerful message. What great evidence reaffirming what we at Geonetric strives for every day.

Similarly, at Ben Dillon‘s Birthday party celebration, a friend and client we work hand-in-hand with, Kelly Brockmeier, director of marketing at St. Vincent’s HealthCare even brought a gift for Ben. You might be thinking, “She brought a personal gift to Ben, so what?”

Think about it this way, would your business partner inspire you enough to take similar action? As I observed this gracious act of service through action I couldn’t help thinking how proud we are to share this type of bond with St. Vincent’s HealthCare.

The third example is the number of over-the-top positive comments we’ve received during SHSMD about the brilliance of our birthday campaign. Comments like: “Can we take a picture of the board and cupcake stand? We have to share this with our marketing team at our hospital!” And: “Who came up with the hashtag idea (#bensbday)? What a wonderful way to go viral.” Just to name a few. We couldn’t have done this without the support of our clients and ingenious marketing team at Geonetric.

As SHSMD 2012 continues, the entire Geonetric team looks forward to sharing ideas, recommendations and a cupcake or two!

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Kevin Stejskal

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Kevin’s energy is contagious. He’s fun to be around, easy to talk to, and knows a thing or two about helping hospitals advance their online goals. That’s why healthcare professionals consistently turn to him for guidance and insight. As an account manager at Geonetric, Kevin helps clients stay ahead of their competition and make informed decisions about their eHealth initiatives. Kevin’s a team player – and we’re not just saying that because he won the 2007 Regional Teamwork Award while a marketing manager at Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions. He uses his experience leading marketing teams to bring new ideas to Geonetric’s business development team and to help his clients gain buy-in for their Web strategies. This history buff and fisherman holds a BA in Communications from Clarke College and uses his coworkers as guinea pigs for his wife’s cupcake-making hobby. We’re not complaining!

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